Japan and Joplin

Historically, EyeCare 20/20 has organized and supported local community organizations every month, such as Toys for Tots and Mission Street Mission, but Japan’s people need international support. We are calling on every corporate executive to make a financial gift to the Japanese people, and to ask their employees to contribute.

We are also inviting our patients to donate $50; when they do, we’ve decided to discount our LASIK services, $500 off the top.

To take it a step further, if any company or their employee—or private citizens of East Hanover donates $50 or more, we’ll share their support here at https://www.973Cares.com, and keep everyone up to date on donations and more. Companies can list their company names, add their logo, include appropriate contacts and include a brief company description (150 words or less).

From now until the end of June, EyeCare 20/20 is supporting Americares and their continuing relief efforts for those in need here at home, as well as abroad. Whether it’s aid assistance to those affected by last week’s deadly tornado in Joplin, the storm-ravaged south, or tsunami-stricken Japan, Americares is there. You can help, too, make a $50 donation to AmeriCares and we will match the donation and give you $500 off a bilateral LASIK procedure*. To get started, visit Americares.org and Donate Now! Save your receipt and then call us to schedule your LASIK, it’s that easy. For more information, contact Keri or Barbara at 973-560-1500.

Just bring us your receipt, YOU get the discount, and the people of Japan receive much-needed help.

Individuals that have donated

Michael Silverman
Seville, Spain $100