All About Night Vision

It happens every year – the days get shorter and the nights get longer this time of year, which means in North America there are more hours of darkness than there are daylight hours. Many people feel like their night vision isn’t as good as it should be, which makes viewing Christmas lights hard on […]

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Winter Dry Eye Tips

The cooler temperatures of winter bring cool winds and dry air as well as indoor heating. For many people, battling dry eyes becomes the norm during the winter months. The natural moisture in your eyes is reduced by all the changes that come with winter. At the extreme, dry eyes can become painful and feel […]

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Eyecare Tips for Holiday Travel

The holidays are a popular time of year for travelling with many people venturing out across the country to visit family and friends or even heading off on a relaxing tropical vacation to get away for a while. It’s important to take care of your eyes when you travel so your eyes remain their healthiest […]

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NJ New Year’s Events

It’s hard to believe there aren’t too many days left in 2017. Do you know how you’ll be ringing in the new year? From cruises to comedy shows, there are plenty of fantastic events taking place in and around New Jersey. Here are some of our favorites.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Dinner Cruise, Spirit of […]

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Longevity and Cataract Surgery

If you had to guess something that might help women live longer, you might think of eating right, exercising regularly, keeping cholesterol levels down, belonging to a thriving social community, getting regular checkups, owning a pet, being of service, and any number of scientifically proven life-extending factors.

What you most likely wouldn’t guess is cataract surgery. […]

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Best New Jersey Spots To Take Winter Photos

It can be tough to drag yourself outdoors during a long Jersey winter, but if you’re a photographer, braving the cold can provide you with some amazing shots of our great state. In fact, many of the places on our list are actually better to photograph in winter than any other time of year. Here […]

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New Study Identifies Potential Biomarkers of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in adults over 50 living in developed countries. AMD is the chronic and progressive degeneration of photoreceptors. Age and genetics have been proven to be the two leading causes of AMD. In 2012, we reported that Ophthalmology published a study indicating that frequent aspirin use […]

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Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy with Artificial Intelligence

World Diabetes Day is November 14 but the entire month of November is dedicated to increasing diabetes awareness. One-third of the 17 million people in America that suffer from diabetes aren’t even aware they have the disease. A dilated comprehensive eye exam can detect and diagnose diabetes by recognizing early stages of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic […]

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How to Get the Best Santa Photo

Do you struggle to get your kids to sit on Santa’s lap? Maybe you’re just happy they aren’t crying in the picture? After waiting in line for what seems like hours, you get to the front of the line only to discover your child is scared of Santa. But you’ve waited so long that you […]

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Why LASIK Makes the Best Christmas Gift

As the holidays are approaching, are you trying to think of a gift truly worthy of the one you love? Something that’s an especially thoughtful gesture of how much you care? Maybe even something that would make a significant difference in your loved one’s quality of life?

We all want the best for the people we […]

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