Eye ER Horror Stories for Halloween

That spooky time of year is coming up again very soon. Whether you prefer the fun of trick-or-treating or the scariest horror flick you can find, EyeCare 20/20 wants to ensure you protect your eyes. The most common eye injuries resulting from Halloween are due to ill-fitting costume contacts or accidental impact with sharp objects. […]

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Halloween Reminder: Non-Prescription Contacts Used in Costumes are Unsafe for Your Eyes

Before you know it, the season of superstition, black cats, and candy will be upon us. The kids will be out looking for a trick or a treat and the adults will be decorating their yards and coming up with creative ways to scare the neighbor kids.

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is […]

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Things Affecting Your Vision You May Not Have Thought About

Your eyes are two of the most important organs in your body but you could be damaging them without even knowing it. It’s fairly common knowledge that the sun can be damaging to your eye health, but would you be surprised to learn that pregnancy can be hard on the eyes as well? Here’s a […]

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How to Tell If You Are Having Age-Related Vision Issues

How do you know if you’re experiencing normal age-related vision issues or if you’re experiencing a change in vision that requires immediate attention? The answer lies in your specific symptoms. That’s why it’s important to maintain regular eye check-ups and ensure you are getting your eyes checked based on the schedule recommended by your eye […]

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Why It’s Important to Take Your Contacts Out Every Night

Wearing contacts while you sleep is definitely not a good idea. Besides the potential discomfort, there are a host of other reasons why you shouldn’t wear contacts while you sleep. Taking your contacts out every night gives your eyes a chance to breathe and allows you to clean your contacts properly to prevent the spread […]

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All About IOLs

If you find yourself considering cataract surgery, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with IOLs. IOL stands for intraocular lens, and it’s a medical device that replaces the lens of the eye after it’s removed during cataract surgery. There are many different types of IOLs approved by the FDA and the right one for you depends […]

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What You Need to Know About LASEK

With over 14 million people in the US experiencing some type of vision impairment, more people are turning to eye surgery than ever before. EyeCare 20/20 offers many services including LASEK. LASEK eye surgery is often confused with LASIK, but they’re actually different procedures. LASEK surgery is a good option for patients whose corneas are […]

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Should You Talk to Your Parents About Cataract Surgery?

It’s the source of many jokes, but it’s based in truth: As people age, their health concerns become a frequent conversation topic. So, surely your parents — along with their lists of other aches and pains — would mention failing eyesight, right?

Not necessarily. When it comes to cataracts, the changes in your parents’ vision may […]

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Best Local NJ Fall Foliage Trips

There’s no doubt that autumn is upon us. The air is cooler, farmers have started harvesting, and the coffee shops are selling everyone’s favorite fall-themed drinks. People are bringing out their cozy clothes and turning up the heat, preparing to settle in for the chillier temperatures ahead. Be sure and get one last outdoor tour […]

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Does Alcohol Affect Your Eyes?

The effects of alcohol on the human body have been documented in many different publications, but it seems like most often, the focus is on how excessive, or even moderate drinking can do harm to the liver or kidneys or to brain cells.

But one area that doesn’t get as much attention is the way alcohol […]

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