Options For Helping Improve Night Vision

Can you see at night as well as you think you should? If the answer is no, just know that you’re not alone. Many people feel that their night vision is weaker than it should be, and that can lead to problems. For one thing, it makes driving at night difficult at best, and downright […]

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All About Green Eyes

Spring is here, and the color green is popping up more and more everywhere you look. But you probably won’t be seeing too many green eyes. They’re actually very rare, and we thought we’d take a little time to give you all the info on why your friend with green eyes is pretty special. 

Out of […]

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Do Men And Women Need Different Eye Care?

Men and women tend to have different medical needs in a number of different areas, and are each more likely to develop certain illnesses and conditions than the opposite sex. But this isn’t always the case, so do men and women need different treatment and care when it comes to their eyes? This is a […]

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LASIK For Easter

There’s never a wrong time to start thinking about LASIK eye surgery for improving your vision, but with Easter on the way, you may want to actually make it happen this year. Why? How else are you going to spot those valuable Easter eggs during your family’s annual hunt?! You’ve missed out on the plastic […]

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Easter Events In New Jersey

Right around Easter, all those fun, springtime events you look forward to start popping up in our area. And with so many to choose from, at least a couple of these New Jersey Easter events should be on your calendar for sure!
25th Annual Easter Bunny Express- April 8th, 9th, and 15th
The Whippany Railway Museum is holding […]

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LASIK For Everyone – Ages 61+

Your golden years should be a time that you treasure and hopefully spend enjoying in retirement. If you’re over the age of 60, however, you may be facing issues with your vision, which can change and deteriorate as you age. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck with reading glasses and blurry vision throughout […]

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LASIK For Everyone – Ages 41-60

Reaching middle age comes with a lot of enjoyable experiences for many people. Watching children grow up, feeling settled in a career, or any of the other life events that happen around this time can all be satisfying experiences. Still, there are always some downsides to aging. For instance, issues with your vision can quickly […]

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LASIK For Every Age: 18-40

Contrary to what some people might have you believe, LASIK eye surgery is perfectly fine for adults at any age. There is no “aging out” of the usefulness of LASIK, and getting it while you’re younger just means you’ll have more years to enjoy your excellent eyesight. But age does factor into the reasoning and […]

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How To Prepare For Eye Surgery

So you’ve been to your eye doctor, had your consultation, and decided that you’ll be getting laser eye surgery. Whether it’s to remove cataracts or simply to fix a long-standing issue with your vision, you’ll soon be seeing everything much more clearly. But now what do you do in the time leading up to the […]

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Eye Care Tips For Spring

Spring has just about sprung, and that probably means you’re gearing up to get back to your old outdoor habits. It’s always a treat getting out for that first warm spring day when you can just wear a t-shirt and shorts. But with the arrival of spring come a few new hazards, and old problems, […]

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