Eye Care Around The World

At EyeCare 20/20, we love celebrating other cultures and getting to know more about our friends across the Atlantic and around the world. After all, every country and culture has their own great traditions and festivals. More exposure to other countries and peoples means more parties to go to during the calendar year. QED.

Speaking of […]

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Cataract Rates Continuing To Rise

New projections from Prevent Blindness estimate that the number of people developing cataracts will continue to rise in coming years.

Cataracts are responsible for over half of the world’s blindness, and there are estimated to be more than 25 million people with cataracts in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, estimates also predict that the number will rise to […]

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LASIK by the Numbers

LASIK eye surgeries have been performed in the US for well over 20 years. The benefits of LASIK range from the convenience of not having to wear glasses or contacts to the freedom of being able to participate in sports you couldn’t play before. Close to a million Americans have LASIK surgery every year.

Have you […]

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Common But Surprising Activities That Can Damage Your Eyes

We all want to properly take care of our eyes as we age. Sight is our most important sense, and yet we tend to take our eyes for granted until something is wrong with them. Then we panic. But it doesn’t have to be like that. A little prevention can go a long way towards […]

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NJ Oktoberfest Events You Won’t Want to Miss

The fall has arrived and with it come plenty of opportunities to celebrate and enjoy some family fun. While there’s still time to take in some of New Jersey’s best fall festivals, we’ve also put together a list of some Oktoberfest events sure to have you celebrating and making memories.

Did you know the original Oktoberfest […]

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Eye Surgeries To Improve Quality Of Life As We Age

Fall is fast approaching, and with it all the fun family holidays and get togethers we look forward to all year. It’s the perfect time to talk about the different ways in which we can improve the quality of life of our older family members and friends. People now live longer than ever before, but […]

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Should Photographers Get LASIK?

Photography is a way of looking at the world and capturing those moments that the photographer deems to be important in some way. Photographers rely on their eyesight to find those moments that they eventually capture for the rest of us. It’s obvious that a good photographer needs good eyesight, or at least needs to […]

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The New SMILE Refractive Procedure

You probably don’t keep up with all the latest news and updates in the laser eye surgery world, and that’s okay—because we do. So don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the SMILE procedure yet. We’re here to fill you in.

SMILE, or small-incision lenticule extraction, is just the latest application that the femtosecond laser makes […]

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Tips For The Eclipse

Are you planning on watching the solar eclipse on the 21st? Hopefully you are, as it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’re lucky enough to be in the path of totality, you’ll have a pretty amazing viewing. But even those farther away will want to stop what they’re doing and check […]

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Cure For Blindness On The Horizon

At EyeCare 20/20, we’re dedicated to improving our patients’ vision. It’s our mission to help as many people as we can to enjoy the benefits of clear, healthy vision. But for as long as humans have been on this earth, there have been those who from birth, or from accident or disease, are now blind. […]

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