The Anti-Aging Benefits of Learning Digital Photography

As we age, memory and cognitive function become a concern for many people. A recent study by the University of Texas shows that digital photography is one of the best activities for aging baby boomers who want to maintain and improve their cognitive health and development. The study followed four groups of seniors over three […]

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How Genetics Contribute to Middle-Age Vision Loss

Genetic testing can give us valuable information about age-related macular degeneration, but it’s also helpful for determining how genetics contribute to middle-age vision loss. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh studied the gene RPGR to see how it relates to X-linked retinitis pigmentosa. Retinitis pigmentosa causes chemical changes in the eye that usually begin with […]

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Why You Should Get LASIK in Time For the Holidays

Are your glasses driving you crazy? Maybe they’re only a minor nuisance? Maybe you’ve reconciled yourself to wearing them, but if you could snap your fingers or wave a magic wand and get 20/20 vision, you wouldn’t hesitate to do so?
Thanks to EyeCare 20/20, no magic is required. Our laser-assisted vision correction (LASIK procedure) […]

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EyeCare 20/20 Thanks Our Nation’s Veterans

We at Eyecare 20/20 count many vets among our valued patients and would like to acknowledge their service. What is it about our vets, we sometime wonder, that seems to inspire so much feeling? What is it about them that attracts our attention and finds us wanting them to know what they mean to us? […]

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What You Need to Know About Color Vision Deficiency

Rods and cones are photoreceptors that sit on the retina and pass information to the brain. Rods are responsible for light and cones are responsible for color. Colorblindness is related to the photoreceptors available in your eye and is largely genetic. The term “color blindness” leads you to believe that people who are colorblind see […]

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Is It Chronic Dry Eye or Just Allergies? How To Tell

Believe it or not, two of the most common problems people have with their eyes (at least the most common problems that aren’t related to needing glasses or contact lenses) are dry eyes and allergies.

Interestingly enough, those two problems often have similar symptoms, even if they’re distinctly different disorders. And telling them apart isn’t made […]

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The Explanations Behind the Tests Eye Doctors Do During Exams

In order to maintain optimal eye health, it’s important to have your eyes examined once a year. Regular eye exams will catch problems you may not know you have. Unlike other parts of the body, the eye doesn’t necessarily hurt when something’s wrong.

There are a number of things your eye doctor will do to test […]

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Eye ER Horror Stories for Halloween

That spooky time of year is coming up again very soon. Whether you prefer the fun of trick-or-treating or the scariest horror flick you can find, EyeCare 20/20 wants to ensure you protect your eyes. The most common eye injuries resulting from Halloween are due to ill-fitting costume contacts or accidental impact with sharp objects. […]

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Halloween Reminder: Non-Prescription Contacts Used in Costumes are Unsafe for Your Eyes

Before you know it, the season of superstition, black cats, and candy will be upon us. The kids will be out looking for a trick or a treat and the adults will be decorating their yards and coming up with creative ways to scare the neighbor kids.

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is […]

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Things Affecting Your Vision You May Not Have Thought About

Your eyes are two of the most important organs in your body but you could be damaging them without even knowing it. It’s fairly common knowledge that the sun can be damaging to your eye health, but would you be surprised to learn that pregnancy can be hard on the eyes as well? Here’s a […]

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