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Jeff’s Pre Op Interview

Jeff has been noticing light sensitivity and poor vision for the last year. Poor vision has made it difficult to get a job as a carpenter, Without insurance he cannot afford cataract surgery.

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Brenda’s Pre Op Interview

Brenda is a college student from Virginia. She is unable to get her driver’s license because of cataracts. She has been without insurance and has not been able to afford treatment.

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Gary Job and No Insurance

Gary discusses the fact that his job cut his benefits, including health insurance. He is unable to pay for needed cataract surgery.

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Warren’s Pre Op Interview

Warren is a 63-year-old cabinet maker from upstate NY. His poor vision from cataracts have contributed to his inability to work. Without insurance he is unable to seek treatment. He has become frustrated with trying to receive treatment through a broken system.

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Shirley Discusses Her Cataracts

Shirley traveled up from Tennessee to participate in this year’s Vision Harvest free cataract program.

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  • Warren’s PreOp Interview


  • Shirley DiscussesHer Cataracts