Lauran Neergaard writes a very informative and timely article in this week’s Newsweek titled: LASIK wories? Some may see better with alternatives

This article discusses the fact that through pervasive advertising many patients forget that LASIK is surgery and that perfect vision is guaranteed. Dr. Jayne Weiss, chair of the FDA advisory panel is quoted as saying:

LASIK is not a commodity, but it is being sold as a commodity. 

I think she hits the nail on the head. It is very important for perspective patients to do their research and pick a surgeon based on outcomes and clinical experience and not on the best price.

As stated in the article, not everyone is an ideal LASIK candidate. One should not be pushing the envelope. If one is not an ideal candidate, alternative surgeries may provide superior results, and at times, no surgery at all (meaning continued eyeglass or contact lens use) may be the best alternative.

Alternative refractive surgeries include:
1. Surface ablations including PRK, LASEK, and EpiLASIK
2. Phakic IOL
3. Refractive Lens exchange
4. Refractive cataract surgery

These and other procedures are discussed in the article and will be addressed in future blog entries.

It certainly behooves the future refractive surgery patient to seek the advice of a surgeon who offers all these procedures, and not just LASIK. This will ensure that the correct procedure will be paired with the appropriate refractive condition.

The full Newsweek article can be viewed a:

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