Alcon introduced its new Phakic IntraOcular Lens at this week’s European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in Berlin.  This lens is an anterior chamber IOL that sits in front of the iris.  It is used to treat nearsightedness.  It offers the advantage of being a reversible procedure and having the ability to treat many patients who have been deemed poor LASIK candidates.  It can also treat patients who require stronger prescriptions than can be treated with LASIK.  This lens is only available overseas at this time as it is awaiting FDA approval.


The Acrysof Phakic Lens joins two other Phakic IOLs that already have FDA approval:

  • Verisyse® Phakic IOL sits in the front of the eye and is attached to the iris.


EyeCare 20/20 has been implanting both Phakic IOLs since their FDA approval several years ago.  Results have been excellent, with generally an improvement of vision as compared to vision with glasses before the surgery.  With the impending FDA approval of the new Acrysof, we anticipate adding this new lens to our refractive strategies.

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