In this months issue of Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery there is an article titled: “Long-term follow-up of a Multifocal Apodized Diffractive IntraOcular Lens after cataract surgery”.


The study followed 44 eyes of 22 consecutive patients who underwent cataract surgery with the implantation of the ReStor IntraOcular (IOL). Post operative follow up was for 3 years. Complete spectacle independance at 3 years was 83.7% for distance vision and 81.9% for near vision. A quality of life survey showed that patients reported good distance, intermediate, and near vision without complaints of sever glare or halos.


In this study, as in most cataract practices, there was no attempt to modify the post cataract refraction. In my practice, patients who undergo Refractive Cataract Surgery have their residual refractive error corrected with LASIK one month following their cataract surgery. This markedly improves the reported visual acuities at both distance and near, leading to higher rates of spectacle independance at both near and distance.


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