There’s never been a better time then now to have LASIK and making the decision just got easier.

Is Time Running Out To Use Your Flexible Spending Account?

Did you know that Flexible Spending Accounts are one of the most versatile yet underutilized benefits offered to employees? By using tax-free Flexible Spending money to reimburse you for eligible medical expenses like LASIK, an FSA can reduce your out of pocket costs by hundreds even thousands of dollars.

Are You About To Enroll In a Flex Plan?

At EyeCare 20/20 our patients often say that LASIK is the best investment they’ve ever made. Think about it, what else can so dramatically change your life? From everyday routine activities to activities you were once unable to enjoy, everything could change.

With LASIK you can receive the greatest value: clearer vision without glasses or contact lenses.

Since this is the time of year that many people enroll in FSA programs, we at EyeCare 20/20 thought we would bring this option to your attention. You should contact your health plan administrator to find out more about your FSA program.

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