Bad calls have been plaguing professional sporting events of late:

  • In Game 4 of this years World Series, Jimmy Rollins was obviously tagged out in a third base rundown. Umpire Tim Welke missed the call, saying Evan Longoria missed the tag. Rollins went on to score the first run of the game.
  • In Game 3 of the World Series, Carl Crawford was called safe by first base umpire Tom Hallion on a bunt single in the seventh inning. Replays showed that Crawford was out.
  • Edward Hochuli, one of the most respected referees in the NFL, blew a call last month that cost the San Diego Chargers the game. In an interview, he discussed that he couldn’t decide if he should wear his glasses or contact lenses because of the wind.
  • Last years playoff series between the San Jose Sharks and Calgary Flames was plagued with many non calls including the huge hit Cory Sarich put on the Shark’s Patrick Marleau, which led to a cut over Marleau’s left eye and a bloody nose.
  • The non-call after Derek Fisher bumped Brett Barry at the end of last year’s game 4 playoff game between the Lakers and Spurs gave the Lakers the win by keeping the game from going into overtime.

Unfortunately, instant replay is not always available to correct bad calls. In an effort to improve the incidence of bad calls, ophthalmologist Cary M. Silverman, MD, Medical Director of EyeCare 20/20 has offered his services to professional officials. EyeCare 20/20 will be offering free LASIK surgery to any official of the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL who is a good candidate for the procedure. “Being a sports fan, I would like to increase the likelihood that the game is won on the field, and not decided by the officiating. Improving the vision of the officials is a step in the right direction”, said Dr. Silverman. Dr. Silverman has previously made the free LASIK offer to Ed Hochuli following his missed call earlier this season.

In a letter written to the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL official’s union, Dr. Silverman writes:


Dear Sir:

With the recent rash of missed calls adversely affecting games, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing fans and sports announcers complaining about officials making bad calls.

We all know that instant replay is not always going to correct all bad calls. I feel strongly that we should minimize the chance of officiating errors in the first place. Correcting an official’s vision is certainly a step in the right direction.

Why not consider LASIK for your officiating members? If there’s any segment of the population who can benefit from LASIK, its referees and umpires. Let’s let the players determine the outcome of the game!

We all make mistakes, it’s true. Powerful vision and redemption is a phone call away. EyeCare 20/20 is offering free LASIK to any official of your union who officiates regular and post season games for the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL.

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