According to Tory Holt, one of the officials used the Jumbotron to make an offensive pass interference call against him in the Ram’s 23-20 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.  As reported in Yahoo Sports:

“He said he looked up in the Jumbotron and saw that I pushed off,” said Holt, who is in his 10th year with the Rams (2-12). “I told him I never extended my arm. It is one thing if you extended, because that is pass interference. But everything was in motion catching the football. I don’t even know if I had my hands on the guy.

“That was his explanation, and I told him it was a bad call.”


“I was surprised,” Holt said of the key penalty. “I could understand if I did because I would take that, but I could not understand it. It was a big play for our team. It was something that we needed. We needed some energy, something to get us going.

“To take that from us was not fair. They get paid to do what they do and we get paid to do what we do.”

Rams coach Jim Haslett said he was “not going to touch” the official’s decision.

“That is a young guy over there, a rookie referee,” Haslett said. “I am not sure what he saw but obviously he thought it was pass interference, and we have to live with it. If that is what he called then that is what he called.”

It seems we are seeing more and more bad calls in professional sports, this is the second one this past weekend!  What gives?  We all know being a professional ref is no easy task,  I am all for helping the refs be all they can be… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I offer to perform free LASIK on any NFL ref in need of LASIK, who is a good candidate!!  Hey guys, get with it and give me a call!!


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