As I mentioned previously, EyeCare 20/20 is sponsoring a squash tournament this weekend at the Chatham Club.  This is a great event for those who play squash.

Even if you do not playy squash, I recommend coming on Sunday morning to watch the pro final, the play  will be incredible, as will the food, prepared by Restaurant Serenade.

I received this e-mail from the NJSRA that reminded me that today is the last day to register:

This weekend is the Chatham EyeCare 20/20 Tournament at the Chatham Club and the deadline is today so it’s not too late to sign up.   Divisions are 5.5 (Open/A), 4.5 (B), 3.5 (C), 3.0 (C/D), Women’s 3.5 (C/D), 50+ and 60+.

This is the first major tournament in our area this year and a great way to kick-off your season. One new feature is all matches will utilize point-a-rally (PAR) scoring like the pros use and your entry fee includes a nice pull-over.  The tournament is US Squash-sanctioned and all matches count toward a member's player rating.  More information including an entry form and on-line registration are available at or the following link: ; Thanks to tournament sponsors EyeCare 20/20, The Chatham Club, Keating & Co. and The Center for Relaxation and Healing.  Refreshments to be provided by tournament sponsor Restaurant Serenade.

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