I mentioned last month that the FDA approved Alcon’s ReSTOR +3.0 multifocal IOL.  I am pleased the this new IOL is now available for implantation.  In fact, I was able to implant the first one in New Jersey last Wednesday.

The clinical studies of the new ReSTOR +3.0, that was submitted to the FDA, showed several advantages over the ReSTOR +4.0 that has been in use for the past few years:
  • Reading distance for the +3.0 is 16 to 20 inches, compared to 13 inches for the +4.0.
  • There was a 1 1/2 line of improved intermediate vision with the +3.0 (20/25) compared to the +4.0 (20/40).
  • 95% of +3.0 patients were able to see 20/40 or better at distance and intermediate compared to 72% of +4.0 patients.
  • +3.0 patients were able to see a broader range of 20/20 near vision.  There was a larger “sweet spot” for near vision and reading tasks.
  • +3.0 patients were able to experience the benefits of the lens sooner than those with the +4.0.
  • About 78% of ReSTOR patients (both +3.0 and +4.0) never wear glasses, another 21% occasionally wear glasses.
  • 96% of +3.0 patients indicated that they would choose to have the implant again!

TAKE HOME MESSAGE:  Results of the ReSTOR +4.0 have been excellent.  Most of my patients have been able to both read and drive without glasses.  One shortcoming of this lens has been a “dead spot” in the vision.  Intermediate vision has been difficult and many patients needed a pair of OTC readers to work at the computer range.  The introduction of the ReSTOR +3.0 appears to have addressed this issue.  Patients can expect to have improved intermediate vision to go along with excellent near and far vision!

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