Quoting Sir Francis Bacon, "Knowledge is power."  It has been our aim to supply knowledge to those interested in both eyecare and refractive surgery.  Several previous posts in this blog have been aimed in helping patients in the refractive surgery education process, including: 

In Today's Facts About LASIK we discuss 12 points that may help you in making an informed decision about getting refractive surgery:

  1. What are the risks?
  2. Can I finally get rid of my glasses?
  3. Is LASIK right for me?
  4. Will it hurt?  How long before I can return to work?
  5. How do I choose a surgeon?
  6. Does the type or brand of laser equipment matter?
  7. What is the new tracking technology, why is it important?
  8. How to know if your LASIK center uses the most advanced equipment available?
  9. What is your personal eye condition?
  10. Why you should meet the surgeon who will perform your procedure?
  11. Can I afford it?
  12. What does all this mean to you?


This mini E-Book answers all these questions.  Please feel free to download it, print it out, post it on your blog, or give it to an interested friend.  NO REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY!!

Download Today's Facts About LASIK

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