With the introduction of the new ReSTOR +3.0 earlier this year, we are now able to give our patients the ability to read, work on the computer, and drive without being dependent on glasses or contact lenses.  This new implant may be implanted at the time of cataract surgery, or as a purely refractive surgery in those patients without cataracts (Refractive Lens Exchange- RLE).  The only caveat is that the ReSTOR +3.0 may only be implanted at the time of these surgeries.  It cannot generally be exchanged for a standard implant that was previously implanted in the past.

Standard implants (IOLs) generally give fairly good distance vision, but do not allow one to see clearly up close.  Reading glasses are needed for both computer distance and reading following standard cataract surgery.  This procedure is fully covered by most medical insurances. 

The ReSTOR +3.0 is a premium IOL.  The cataract portion of the procedure is again covered by most insurances, but the IOL portion is not, requiring an out of pocket expense for the patient.  It is important for the prospective cataract patient to think long and hard about the type of IOL implanted.  This is a one time chance to minimize one's need for reading glasses! 

This brings us to today's video testimonial from Elizabeth Yonks.  Elizabeth had LASIK at EyeCare 20/20 back in 2000.  She enjoyed many years of excellent distance vision, but needed reading glasses for close visual tasks.  She recently noticed a decline in her distance vision and was diagnosed with cataracts.

Prior to surgery, Elizabeth was presented with her IOL options.  She opted for a standard IOL.  After the first cataract surgery on her right eye, Elizabeth was very unhappy.  She had great distance vision but no near or intermediate vision.  We decided to implant a ReSTOR +3.0 in the second eye with hopes that the multifocal IOL in that eye would be a marked improvement.

After the second cataract surgery, Elizabeth was certainly happier, but the first eye was still bothering her.  SInce the original cataract surgery was only 3 weeks out, the IOL was not fully adherent.  We decided to try to exchange th original standard IOL with a ReSTOR +3.0.  Elizabeth had the IOL exchange yesterday, and I am happy to say she is now quite happy. 

THE MORAL OF THE STORY:  Make sure to chose your IOL wisely, it is usually a permanent decision!

Here is Elizabeth's video testimonial:

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