We know that finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can be a challenge. If you’re shopping for your mother, wife or girlfriend and you’re looking for answers to that age-old question of what to buy, here are some “eye-opening” gift ideas:

THE GIFT OF SIGHT- She’s always been the one to look after everyone. Say “Thanks Mom” by giving her LASIK. She’ll get the crisper, clearer vision she needs and deserves. Many mothers stress about the worries of taking care of their children in the home or while out should they lose their glasses or contacts. The piece of mind of knowing you can see without correction, as well as the convenience factor makes LASIK a worthy investment.  It’s the gift that can be opened every day and can help her focus on what’s really important.

A LITTLE “SCENT-SABILITY”-Gifts such as scented candles or aromatherapy essential oils can be great for the stressed-out Mom and the calm alike. Or maybe she has a favorite perfume or cologne?

A SPA DAY Surprise and indulge your mother with a great massage or a day at the spa. It may be just what she needs to escape from life’s ups and downs.

MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PERKS- A season pass or membership is the perfect gift that continues giving year round. How about a pass to her favorite museum, her local zoo or aquarium or that new yoga studio she’s been dying to try?

IT’S IN THE BAG- Find the perfect bag for the woman in your life and fill it with all her favorite things. Does your mother like to garden? Perhaps a bag filled with seeds and gardening tools. Does your wife really like to spend time in the kitchen? Kitchen gadgets, hand towels and a cookbook all make great gifts for the at home chef. How about a personalized photo diaper bag for the new mom?

When selecting a gift, remember it’s really the thought that counts. So whether it’s a simple gesture, a well-selected card, a box of candy or a bouquet of her favorite flowers, she’ll be sure to love it as long as she knows it came from you.

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