I see many Tweets on Twitter coming from people complaining about contact lenses and inquiring, investigating, or wishing for LASIK.  As someone who both dispenses contact lenses and performs LASIK, in my opinion there is no comparison between contact lenses and LASIK!

Here is my top 9 list advocating for LASIK surgery:

  1. Save some time.  One spends at least 5 minutes a day caring for contact lenses, putting them in and taking them out.  By eliminating contact lenses, one can save over 30 hours per year!
  2. Save some money. Many factors go into figuring out how much it costs one to wear contact lenses.  If we include the price of the lenses, solutions, and office visits, these costs are well in excess of $500 per year.  The present value of spending $500 a year for 20 years, assuming a discount rate of 5% is $6231.11.  For 30 years, the present value increases to $7686.33! GET LASIK WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG MORE MONEY WILL BE SAVED!
  3. Make travel easier. Many of our patients comment that not having to pack a spare pair of contact lenses or solutions makes travel so much easier.  There is nothing worse than losing your last contact lens while on vacation.  No more worries of TSA confiscating those solutions at check in either!
  4. Enjoy participating in sports more. There is nothing worse than dealing with a contact lens issue while engaging in an active sport.  I always get a chuckle watching an NBA of NCAA basketball game on TV come to a halt to allow a player to find his contact lens on the court.  LASIK would not only eliminate this from happening, but would enhance athletic performance through improved vision.  Many olympic athletes have thrown away their glasses for LASIK!
  5. Enjoy watching sports more. Imagine watching a football game in the middle of a snow storm, a golf or tennis match on a windy day, or a baseball game on a bad allergy day.  Not easy to do with contact lenses, no problem with LASIK.
  6. Wake up and see. Once those lenses come out before bed, the world becomes a blur.  With LASIK, the alarm clock is clear, the route to the bathroom navigable.
  7. Enjoy the beach. WInd, sand, salt water, and contact lenses don’t mix.  LASIK makes beach activities, people watching, and finding your towel a snap.
  8. Lose the red eyes. Many people complain of red eyes associated with contact lens wear.  Other symptoms include burning, itching, foreign body sensation, and irritation.  Contact lenses can cause dryness, allergies, and infections.
  9. Visual Freedom. LASIK offers visual freedom, nothing to do or think about, just open your eyes and see!


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