Three bad calls in Game 3 and several in Game 4 of the ALCS between the Yankees and Angels have again brought attention to the inconsistent officiating in baseball.  Hats off to third base umpire, Tim McClelland, who admitted to his bad calls  in a post game interview.  “After looking at replays..  obviously there were two missed calls, not obviously, there were two missed calls…  I’m out there trying to do my job the best that I can..”  Once again EyeCare 20/20 is offering to aid the umpires in doing their job better.  Forget instant replay.  Tim McClelland, or any major league umpire, give us a call.  We would be happy to improve your vision free of charge with LASIK!

This is what our LASIK the Refs program is all about.  Here is a copy of a recent press release:


to the spate of recent blown calls in professional sporting events, including
last night’s American League Championship Series, local ophthalmologist Dr.
Cary Silverman is offering free LASIK surgery to any major league umpire or
As Medical
Director of EyeCare 20/20,
Cary M. Silverman, M.D., oversees one of the premier vision care facilities in
the tri-state area, and the first practice in New Jersey to offer treatment
using custom
wavefront LASIK
WAVE® laser

 “This is maddening,” Silverman said, “These are the
greatest athletes on the biggest stage in the world and they deserve to have
the games officiated correctly.
Frankly, so many of the errors from this baseball post-season and the NFL
regular season could have been avoided if the officials had better
eyesight.  LASIK is the best way to
achieve that and I make an open offer to any official from the major league
sports to utilize our service, for the good of the game.”

There have been several calls in the Twins/Yankees and
Angels/Yankees playoff series that officials admitted were incorrect after
viewing replays post-game.

LASIK uses a computer-controlled
laser to reshape the cornea and correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness,
and astigmatism.
Dr. Silverman employs the latest advances in LASIK surgery to provide patients
with the highest level of vision correction possible. With the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® laser technology, he
is able to customize the LASIK procedure to the vision needs of each individual

Silverman was recently in the news for providing free LASIK
to eight current members of several United States Olympic teams, including
medal contending speedskaters Chad Hedrick and Katherine Reutter.  For more information on Dr. Silverman’s
Olympic initiative, go to:  For more about EyeCare 20/20, go to: For more information
on recent blown calls and the LASIK THE REFS program, go to:


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