Phil Cuzzi Twins Yankees

Mark Teixeira's walk off home run in the 11th inning ended one of the most exciting baseball games this long time Yankees fan has seen in a while.  This game will more likely remembered for another blown call.  In the top of the 11th, Umpire Phil Cuzzi called a ball hit by the Twins' Joe Mauer foul.  Replays show that the ball landed in fair territory, costing Mauer a double.  He ended up with a single instead.  The Twins did end up loading the bases with no outs and still failed to score a run, so who knows if this bad call really made any difference in the game's outcome.

There is an excellent article in today's Star Ledger, "An ump's life means living on a fine line".  This article discusses Cuzzi's journey to become a MLB ump.  What I like about Cuzzi is that he is a stand up guy who admitted his mistake Friday night. 

"There is no excuse.  I missed the play.  It's a terrible feeling.  As badly as everyone on that field may have felt, I don't think any of them had a worse night's sleep than me."

It turns out that Cuzzi is a Jersey guy.  He lives in Nutley, no more that 20 minutes from EyeCare 20/20!  Once more extend my offer to a ref in need.  If Phil Cuzzi wears glasses or contact lenses, and if LASIK could improve his performance on the field, I would be more than happy to provide the LASIK free of charge.  Even if that call did benefit my Yankees!

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