As 2009 winds to its end, it is very common to see lists of the year’s best and worst. From songs to movies, from news makers to sporting events. Here is my list of the 10 best posts of The LASIK Blog for 2009.

  1. LASIK for the Gold’s Katherine Reutter Loves Colbert Nation. Stephan Colbert made the news this year when he decided to sponsor the US Speed Skating team in next year’s Olympic Games. Katherine Reutter, a member of LASIK for the Gold, had a great appearance on the Colbert Show. She even had her leg signed by Colbert! LASIK for the Gold is a program that offers free LASIK to our US Olympic athletes.
  2. Vision Harvest 2009 Featured on Fox’ Good Day New York. Dr. Sapna Parikh, medical correspondent for Fox 5 news did a story featuring EyeCare 20/20‘s involvement in providing free Cataract Surgery to those in need. The result, 20 patients underwent the procedure for free on the day before thanksgiving. Our hope is to make Vision Harvest an annual event. I will keep you posted.
  3. LASIK the Refs! is an on-going segment that features bad calls in sports. LASIK the Refs offers professional umpire or referee a chance to improve their performance through free LASIK surgery. So far 2 have taken me up on the offer.
  4. Avastin vs Lucentis: Why our Gov’t Will Never Manage Healthcare Efficiently! My continued elements concerning the costs in treating mascular degeneration.
  5. The Flomax-Cataract Controversary, Continued. My effort to change the treatment protocols when Flomax is prescribed.
  6. US Healthcare run Amok: Conjunctivitis treated for a mere $2500! A story of crazy overspending in healthcare.
  7. DIVERSIFICATION: 7 Reasons to Get LASIK at a Full-Service General Ophthalmology Practice. Important considerations in choosing where to go for your LASIK surgery.
  8. Twitter, Blogs, and LASIK. Social media and how I use it in my ophthalmology practice.
  9. ReStor +3.0 Now Available! The second generation IOL that has vastly improved the results for Refractive Cataract Surgery.
  10. Free Mini E-Book Download: Today’s Facts About LASIK. Useful resources for those interested in having Refractive Surgery.

I have enjoyed talking with you all this past year, and hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog. I look forward to continued blogging in 2010. If there is anything in health and eye care you would like me to discuss, please leave me a comment. I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.

Have a Happy New Year! I will see you all in the next decade!!

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