Last night's David Letterman's Late Show featured the Olympic Gold Medal winning bobsled team "Night Train" performing the top 10 list.  It was great seeing LASIK for the Gold's Curt Tomasevicz enjoying his success!  Here it is:

Top 10 things you don't want to hear from a guy in your bobsled:

10.  Ooohhh, you're strong!

9.  Somebody else steer, I'm twittering.

8.  Hope you don't mind, I brought my kitty.

7.  We're lost.

6.  I bought us a Toyota bobsled.

5.  Why can't we ever be this close out of the sled?

4.  Does something seem off with the shrimp salad at lunch?

3.  After the race, wanna take a shower?

2.  Stop breathing on my neck.

1.  That's not the brake lever, but don't stop pulling.

It was very funny, hope you enjoy it!

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