The Olympic Bronze Medalist bobsled team of Erin Pac and Elana Meyers will be paying a visit to EyeCare 20/20 on April 5.  Elana will be joining Erin as a member of LASIK for the Gold.  Erin had LASIK surgery performed on her last year before the Olympics while Elana will have LASIK on April 5.  Below is our press release for this exciting day:


EAST HANOVER, NJ – Meet United States Olympic
Bobsledders Erin Pac and Elana Meyers at EyeCare 20/20 on Monday,
April 5 from 12:00-2:00 p.m.
Pac and Meyers maneuvered a 400 pound
sled down the fastest bobsled run in the world and
won Bronze last month in
Vancouver. Reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph on a track that overturned countless
sleds in both the men’s and women’s fields, Pac’s steady hands and sharpened
vision brought her and teammate Elena Meyers their first taste of Olympic
Bobsled pilot Pac attributes part of her success to the LASIK
surgery provided by Cary M. Silverman,
Pac’s teammate and brakeman Meyers will be undergoing her LASIK
surgery on April 5.  The athletes
will be signing free autographs and taking pictures with fans.  The public is welcome.  Food and beverages will be provided for
this celebratory party for Team EyeCare 20/20.

“The track in Vancouver is ridiculously fast so of course clear
vision was more important than ever,”

said Pac. “It was the thrill of a lifetime to stand on the Olympic
podium and I’m so grateful to everyone at EyeCare 20/20 for the help in making
my Olympic dream come true.”

EyeCare 20/20 did its part to help Team USA in the
2010 Winter Games through the LASIK-for-the-Gold campaign. EyeCare 20/20 gave
free LASIK surgery to USA athletes to assist their pursuit of gold with the
addition of “new eyes”. Team EyeCare 20/20 claimed seven medals in Vancouver,
including: Chad Hedrick (speedskating – silver and bronze), Molly Engstrom
(hockey – silver), Katherine Reutter (short track
– silver and bronze) and Curt Tomasevicz (bobsled –

“It was an amazing feeling as I sat up and for
the first time since the third grade, I could read the clock on the other
side of the room without the aid of my glasses or contacts,” said Gold
Medalist and member of the 4-man Olympic Bobsled Team,
Tomasevicz. “I’m thankful for the
life-changing procedure performed by Dr. Silverman and his staff. I
hated the discomfort of my glasses and I hated having to rely on my
contacts, especially in a sport where perfect vision is vital.”  

The athletes traveled from all
across the country to EyeCare 20/20 for treatment because of the practice’s
recognition as one of the premier
LASIK facilities in the country. “The medals represent years of hard work, discipline and focus and I
am thrilled beyond belief,”
said Speedskater Katherine Reutter. “It took a whole team of people
to help me realize my dreams and Dr. Silverman and everyone at EyeCare 20/20
were a part of that team.  At the Olympics, I no longer had to worry about
contacts, solution or even glasses.  I saw better than ever and I’m pretty
excited to be looking clearly at a brand new pair of Olympic medals!”

With the Winter Olympics now over and Summer
Olympics around the corner, Dr. Silverman is continually adding Olympians to
his already long list of professional and collegiate athletes that have enjoyed
this visual enhancement. The list of athletes now includes ten Olympians or Olympic
hopefuls. “I’m just doing my part to help Team USA claim gold.  I love the Olympics and it’s been an
honor helping these dedicated athletes be their best,” said Silverman.

Olympic hopefuls who had LASIK
surgery also include these four who hope to continue their success in the 2012 Summer
Olympics in London. Arielle Martin
of US BMX is the current UCI World Cup SX Champion. The 2008 USA Cycling BMX
National Champion, Jill Kintner who
went on to win the bronze medal in BMX racing in the sport’s Olympic debut in 2008
in Beijing.
US National Table Tennis
and Current US National Mixed Champion Samson
, as well as Pole Vaulter Melinda

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