I received a very nice letter from Professional Hockey Referee, Scott Cherrey. Its been 1 year since Scott took advantage of our LASIK the Refs program. I was lucky enough to see Scott during the season, after he reffed a Devils game. He was loving his new vision!

Here is a copy of Scott’s letter:

To Dr. Cary Silverman, Keri McAuliffe, and & all the staff at Eyecare 20/20:

It has been 1 year (exactly today) since my LASIK eye surgery at Dr. Silverman’s office. It is unbelievable how having the procedure has changed my life! Not just for my job as an on ice official, but how it has effected my day to day life. It has been unreal how easily accustomed I have become to life without glasses, and not having to fuss with contact lenses. I was especially thankful during allergy season this past spring, not having to deal with itchy, scratchy contact lenses bugging my eyes. Also, for my job I travel alot by airplane, it is so nice to not have to worry about dry contact lenses while in flight. These little things are all issues that I no longer have to worry about. Gone are the days of waking up in the morning and seeing a blurry alarm clock, or poking around trying to find my glasses to watch tv from bed.

I recently completed my one year ‘post-op’ check up with my local optometrist. I am proud to inform you that my eye sight is better then 20/20!! My optometrist commented that I read lines further down the eye chart then I ever had done in all my years getting check ups with him. He was very impressed, and I was equally as gratified knowing I done the right thing by getting LASIK surgery done at Eyecare 20/20!

Forever grateful!

Scott Cherrey

Professional Hockey Official – #50

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