Inside New Jersey Magazine came out with their 2010 Top Doctor List this past weekend.  EyeCare 20/20 had 2 on the list:

According to Inside New Jersey:

This year’s lineup of Top Doctors is IJ’s largest, covering the entire state, north and south.

IJ’s continuing partnership with Castle Connolly Medical, the gold
standard for medical ratings research, provides consumers with the most
authoritative and informed assessment of doctors in the region.

The selection process for IJ’s Top Doctors edition is conducted by Castle Connolly’s physician-led research team.

It begins by asking thousands of physicians and health care
professionals to identify excellent doctors in every specialty in their
region and throughout the nation.

Doctors do not, and cannot, pay to be selected as a Castle Connolly
Top Doctor. The screening process Castle Connolly follows a rigorous
survey, research and screening processes.

Here is how it works. Castle Connolly . . .

★ Selects only physicians who are board certified and for whom the
company has validated that the board certifications are current.

★ Uses “minimum years in practice” standards, based on the medical
specialty, because studies show quality increases with clinical

★ Surveys, by mail and online, thousands of physicians and other
health care professionals and asks them to identify excellent doctors in
every specialty in their region and throughout the nation. While the
nomination process is anonymous and confidential, each invitee has a
unique access code to the nomination website. This code helps ensure
doctors do not nominate themselves.

★ Makes thousands of phone calls each year, talking with leading
specialists, chairs of clinical departments and vice presidents of
medical affairs, seeking to identify top specialists for most diseases
and procedures.

★ Reviews the credentials of every physician under consideration,
including his or her medical education, training, hospital appointments,
administrative posts, professional achievements, and malpractice and
disciplinary history. Information on outcomes, procedure volume and
malpractice is becoming increasingly available, but the public
disclosure varies from state to state. Castle Connolly uses its best
efforts to gather the information that is available and use it
effectively. Ultimately, however, it is the professional judgment of the
Castle Connolly editors, the chief medical and research officer and the
research staff that determines Castle Connolly Top Doctors selection.

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