preventing eye injuries

We oftentimes take our sight for granted. Eye injuries can quickly remind us how precious our eye health is. Luckily, however, in most cases eye injuries can be prevented.

July is eye injury prevention month. More than 2,000 eye injuries occur every day in America – most of which could be prevented. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics half of these injuries occur in the workplace.

Understanding The Causes Of Eye Injuries

When it comes to protecting your vision, prevention is definitely superior to cure.

  • 70% of injuries are due to impact from flying or falling objects or sparks striking the eye. Wearing the appropriate eye protection is the single best means of keeping your vision safe and healthy. 3 out of every 5 injuries happen to those who either were not wearing the correct protection or weren’t wearing any at all.
  • 90% of eye injuries are preventable. Choosing protective eye ware is a matter of selecting the protective device that has been designed for specific hazardous activities. Protective glasses, goggles, and eye shields should fit properly.
  • Poorly fitting protection is liable to cause an accident.

While occupational and industrial hazards are the most common cause of eye damage, recreational activities are another common reason for trips to the emergency room.

  • Always use the correct protection appropriate to your sport. If in doubt, ask a coach.
  • Fishhooks account for a high proportion of eye injuries. Use caution when fishing.
  • Motorcyclists should wear eye protection whenever biking. Rocks and debris hurled by the wheels of other vehicles, and air-born objects like insects when traveling at high speed can cause damage to unprotected eyes.
  • Eye injuries can be caused by more than objects hitting and damaging the eye. UV damage can occur from sun glare. Sunglasses can protect the eye when it is exposed to prolonged sun exposure.

Seeking Immediate Care

Often seemingly minor injuries are ignored or treated at home. With any eye injury, it’s best to seek treatment from a professional

  • Cuts to the eye, damage due to chemicals, or foreign matter stuck in the eye should not be ignored. You cannot treat these on your own. Seek medical help immediately.
  • Blows to the eye – even if they seem slight – can seriously damage your eye. Bruising, vision difficulty seeing, and pain should be referred to your doctor.
  • In case of a chemical burn to the eye, flush the eye with clean water and seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

Prevention Is Critical To Healthy Vision

Preventative measures you can take to ensure eye health and good vision include regular eye exams. If you have a family history of vision disorders, regular checkups will help in early detection and treatment. Adults between the ages of 40-65should have exams at least once every two years. Those over 65 should schedule yearly checkups.

Our vision is precious. Maintaining healthy eyes requires few inconveniences, and the time taken to protect our sight is small in comparison to seeking emergency aid.

Dr. Silverman and the EyeCare 20/20 team are dedicated to keeping New Jersey’s eyes strong and healthy. Schedule your check up today.

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