New York, Philly, and Boston may think they have the monopoly on great pizza – but here in New Jersey, we have some pretty amazing pizza joints, too. So to celebrate National Pizza Day, I’ve put together a list of my very favorite spots to grab a slice. For the best pizza in New Jersey, you’re going to want to stop by one of these four restaurants. I’ll fill you in on the best items on the menu – and some top secret items not on the menu, too!

1. Angeloni’s Restaurant and Pizzeria (6 Brookside Avenue, Caldwell, NJ)

This Italian restaurant isn’t just one of my favorites – it’s received recognition from Suburban Essex, having been nominated as the “Best of Essex” for 2014 in four categories (Best Italian Restaurant, Best BYO Restaurant, Best Pizza, and Best Deli)! And it’s no wonder – this place is fantastic!

My recommendation? Order the Thinny Thin pizza; it’s incredible! Get it with crumbled sausage, and well done. Trust me on this one – you won’t regret it.

2. Queen Margherita Trattoria (246 Washington Ave., Nutley, NJ)

This place is usually pretty crowded, and with good reason – their pizza tastes just like the “pizza by the foot” I used to get when I was in Sorrento, Italy. Can you say authentic?

They also have the very best veal parmigiana around, so you might just have to make a second trip to try that out, as well. Wouldn’t that be a shame? (wink, wink)

3. Star Tavern (400 High St., Orange, NJ)

Not that this was that long ago, but I’ve been going to this pizza joint since I was in high school – and they still make one of the best pizzas around. For a real treat, order a “pizzette.”

It’s not on the menu and only we old timers know about it. It’s pizza on French bread – and it’s delicious.

4. Calabria Restaurant (588 S. Livingston Ave., Livingston, NJ)

This one is a hometown favorite with a great wine bar selection. And with the hospital employee and teacher specials they offer, it’s a no-brainer for the community to show them a little extra love!

And there you have it! My four favorite New Jersey pizza restaurants. Why not treat yourself and your family to a night out tonight to celebrate National Pizza Day? In fact, why not snap a photo of yourselves enjoying your pizza, and send it my way? Post it on the EyeCare 20/20 Facebook page so everyone can see it. And be sure to tell me how your pizza was the next time you come see me for a check-up!

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