Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you’re like most guys, you’re probably in a last-minute panic right about now, trying to figure out where to take your wife or girlfriend to dinner! Never fear – New Jersey is full of amazing restaurants that would be perfect spots to celebrate V-Day with your honey. Here are a few of my personal favorites – your gal is sure to love any of them, and so will you!

1. Restaurant Serenade (6 Roosevelt Ave., Chatham, NJ)

Not only is the name perfect for your romantic night out, but I honestly think this place could be the best food in New Jersey, hands down. Not only do they have a great wine list, but their food is absolutely delicious – and healthy, too, believe it or not!

2. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant (434 Ridgedale Ave., East Hanover, NJ)

If you want an authentic Italian experience for Valentine’s Day, you can’t do better than Luigi’s. This place might just have the best pasta fagioli outside of Italy – and they’ve got a pretty nice bar, to boot.

3. Peter’s (61 Main St., Millburn, NJ)

Looking for a more intimate atmosphere in your Valentine’s Day restaurant? I’ve got the perfect place for you. Small and cozy, Peter’s is a great spot for a romantic dinner. They’ve got some seriously great pasta, and it’s BYOB, so you can pair your meal with the wine of your choice! I personally love the veal milanese there – you should try it!

4. Julio’s Restaurant (459 Mount Pleasant Ave., West Orange, NJ)

This place is a longtime favorite of mine, with amazing classic Italian food. And let me tell you – Julio mixes the best drink around.

5. Yoshi-Sono Japanese Restaurant (643 Eagle Rock Ave., West Orange, NJ)

Yoshi-Sono is our go-to local sushi restaurant. It’s so good, I use dinner here as a bribe to get my kids to come out and visit!

6. Gourmet Café Italian Restaurant (136 Baldwin Rd., Parsippany, NJ)

Gourmet Café is another local gem, with great prices and great food. And it’s BYOB, so you can make your night out here as indulgent or as budget-friendly as you want!

I hope that you enjoy these restaurants as much as my wife and I do. Speaking of which…I’d better go give a few of these places a call myself, and get our reservations made!

All of us here at EyeCare 20/20 wish you and your special someone a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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