You wouldn’t have what you do, or even be here, without your mother. I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite places to take your mom or the mother of your beautiful children to celebrate this Sunday.

Il Michelangelo

If your family is looking to visit a family-owned restaurant, loves Italian food, and is accustomed to great service, then take them to Il Michaelangelo’s. The great Italian food is served with great tasting wine-pairings and the service is always noted by patrons as impeccable. This is also a great place to make reservations if someone in your party loves Italian but often has to miss out because of a gluten allergy; Il Michaelangelo has great options. If you can’t stop by this Sunday, then a gift certificate to treat Mom in the future would be a great gift idea!


If Mom favors surf over turf, take her out to H2Ocean. This restaurant features a variety of great seafood dishes for you and your family to savor. From shrimp to calamari to their specialty lobster mac and cheese, I always enjoy what I order. If you’d like to toast Mom (and you will, for all she does), the wine and beer list have great choices and are well priced. Make your reservation today.

Roots Steakhouse

I love coming here for a fancy night out. If you want to see Mom all dolled-up (and you all should be, there’s a dress code) then head here to celebrate. Roots has multiple locations, in Morristown, Summit, and Ridgewood and they are all known for their great beef. I’d argue that the filets you have here will be just as good as any steakhouse in Manhattan. Personally, I love and highly recommend ordering the veal chops. If you would like to get in touch with questions or to nail down a reservation, do it quickly—this place will be booked fast!

Your Home

Sometimes rather than taking Mom out, what’s really special is to treat her to a nice meal in your own home. This year I’ll be cooking. On occasions like this, I like to select some good cuts from a local butcher shop. This year, I’m choosing to go with Denville Meat Shop. I’ll be choosing pulled pork or brisket and preparing it by smoking it to perfection, which is sure to be a treat for the entire family on what’s sure to be a lovely Spring evening.

The Eye of the Beholder

What makes for a great Mother’s Day is less related to where you celebrate than it is related to a great mother, right? Still, we’d like to hear about how you’re choosing to celebrate this Sunday. Feel free to comment on the blog or stop by and share during your next appointment. If you don’t have one scheduled, make sure to contact us to get one on the calendar today. Happy Mother’s Day!

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