In the United States, May is National Photograph Month. This May, we want to share with you some of EyeCare 20/20’s favorite local and international places to photograph: the Jersey Shore, NYC, Paris, Sevilla, and even our own office!

How does the Eye Make an Image?

Before we go into talking about our favorite places to photograph, we want to talk a little bit about how the human eye itself is like a camera. In fact, the camera was invented to mimic how the human eye works.

It all has to do with light. Light enters the eye through the cornea, the layer covering the outside of the eye. It goes in towards the pupil, which has either expanded or contracted with the help of the iris muscles which surround it. It then travels into the retina, where cells called rods and cones. The rods and cones convert the light into electrical impulses that travel through the optic nerve to the brain. And thus, we perceive an image. Isn’t it amazing? Here are our favorite places to capture images:

The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is a special place for me because it’s where I spend my summers with the family. So why wouldn’t I want to document these precious times with photographs? We spend our time swimming, enjoying the beach, and enjoying the wonderful biking trails available to us at the Jersey Shore. Pictured here is The Anglers Club of Margate. Do you have any photos of the Jersey Shore? I’d love to see them!


New York City

New York City is the city that truly has it all, including great opportunities to take amazing photographs. What I love about the photograph possibility in New York City is that it’s great for street photographs; you can capture people in all walks of life going through their day and living their lives in truly different ways, all within blocks of one another. This is a photograph called Holding Hands. I love how it captures the gentle love of a family going about their day. 


Paris, France

Paris is a wonderful city full of history. Walking through parts of the old city along cobblestones is like walking through a passage in time. And luckily for us, we can capture it! Whether you’re in one of the many museums or famous landmarks, or strolling through the streets amongst cafes and their resident artists, there is always a special moment to be captured. Here is an ironic photograph I love called Mona Lisa Paparazzi taken at the Louvre. Photographers in a frenzy photographing a picture—how funny! 


Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla has a special place in my heart because it is where my son and his family live. It’s so special to be able to take in some a spectacular city with my family and capture the moments along the way. We love to see the ancient city by biking through it and taking in its incredible views and experiencing the Spanish culture each time we stop. This photograph called Up, Up, and Away, is one of my favorites for its simple and stark us of color. It almost makes you realize how beautiful you never realized the color red was!


Our Eyecare 2020 Office

Since our office is where I spend a great majority of our time and we do great things here, I love documenting the work done here with photography. As parts of our Humans of EyeCare 20/20, this photograph is called Indirect Self Portrait.


How Do You Capture the Moment?

Now that we’ve shared with you our favorite places to capture special moments, we’re curious to know what yours are. Feel free to comment below on our blog or to get in touch with us directly and share your photographs!

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