Well, we’ve hit the midpoint of summer. Back to school commercials are starting to rear their ugly heads, days are once again getting shorter, and the dog days of August are fast approaching. So why not celebrate the peak of summer while we still have the chance? The best way I know of to do just that is to indulge in a sweet, cold treat – and what better day to do that, than on National Ice Cream Day?

To take part in this annual day of delicious fun, I wanted to share my favorite local New Jersey spots to get a dish or a cone. In between LASIK consultations and cataract surgeries today, I’ll probably be sneaking out for a few minutes to visit one of these places myself – maybe I’ll see you there!

1. Denville Dairy – 34 A Broadway, Denville, New Jersey

You may need longer than just a few minutes to get an ice cream cone here, because it’s such a popular spot, there are pretty much always lines out the door. And not just in the summer, either – this place has such good ice cream, people are even willing to line up in the winter just to get a taste! The best news? Denville Dairy stocks a whole selection of nonfat, diet, low carb, and sugar free ice cream as well, so you never need to feel guilty about treating yourself.

2. Margate Dairy Bar – 9510 Ventnor Ave., Margate City, New Jersey

This little gem down the shore has been around since the 50s – and there’s a reason for that! With its amazing ice cream, its delicious burgers, and a fun atmosphere enhanced even more by the live Jazz on Friday nights, this is the place to go for ice cream and a great time!

3. Grunings – Closed, but not forgotten

OK, so this one may not be a place you can still visit to get ice cream – but I had to mention it, just the same. Grunings was my favorite ice cream spot of all time! Unfortunately, it closed years ago – but we still talk about it. It was that good. Best hot fudge sundae in history!

4. Holsten’s – 1063 Broad St., Bloomfield, New Jersey

If you were a big fan of the Sopranos, then you probably remember this particular ice cream parlor from the finale. But you don’t have to know it from the show to enjoy the amazing ice cream and ice cream sodas at Holsten’s. Ever had an egg cream? Here’s your chance!

5. Emack & Bolio’s – 348 Millburn Ave., Millburn, New Jersey

Not only ice cream, but crazy concoctions like ice cream pizza, and even micro brewed soda can be found at places that serve Ermack & Bolio’s products. We had them in my college days in Boston; they recently closed in Livingston, but are reopening at a location in Millburn. It’ll be love at first bite, I guarantee it!

Be sure to pop into one of these amazing New Jersey ice cream institutions today to grab a cone! In fact, why not try a couple? And then give me a call here at EyeCare 20/20 to let me know what you thought of my picks. Happy National Ice Cream Day!


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