Are you struggling with dry eyes but unsure of the true cause or how to effectively treat them? Now New Jersey’s EyeCare 20/20 provides relief with its new full-service, in-house Dry Eye Center led by an experienced, board-certified ophthalmologist.

Introducing EyeCare 20/20 Dry Eye Clinic to serve northern New Jersey

The new full-service Dry Eye Center within EyeCare 20/20 offers northern New Jersey expert Dry Eye Specialists who diagnose, treat, and provide maintenance care for individuals experiencing dry eye issues. From the convenient, local East Hanover, New Jersey EyeCare 20/20 location with easy access from Parsippany, Orange, Summit, and surrounding areas, why travel to busy NYC when expert dry eye care is nearly a blink away?

Dry eye problems and solutions

What have you tried to relieve your dry eyes? Excess blinking? Maybe a try at self-care from the aisle of your local pharmacy – but overwhelmed by the huge, confusing array of dry eye drop products? (Know that some eye drops can actually be harmful, depending upon your true eye condition).

Dry eye problems typically include:

  • Eye redness, irritation;
  • Eye-area inflammation;
  • Eye issues from technology usage and/or age;
  • Frustration with unexplained eye and eye-area discomfort.

The Dry Eye Center at EyeCare 20/20 provides effective dry eye diagnosis and relief for:

  • Chronic dry eye;
  • Digital eye strain;
  • Eye discomfort from rosacea;
  • Unexplained eye-area issues (finally, a cause and remedy).

Full-spectrum, cutting-edge dry eye care

What’s your story? Are you able to have tears of joy, sadness? Or are you plagued by dry eye and eyestrain that feels more like dry eyes in a desert? Could be that your eye dryness even worsens overall fatigue at the end of your day?

Ocular rosacea

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin rosacea, it’s possible that you may also have ocular rosacea. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, rosacea can affect the eye and eyelid with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including the feeling of grains of sand in your eye. The ophthalmologist at EyeCare 20/20 can diagnose and treat ocular rosacea.

Individualized dry eye treatment plans

What kind of activities are important to your vision, from work to sports to enjoyment? We’ll serve your daily and long-term eye care needs by first treating you as a person, not as another number in an already fast-paced society. From your first contact over the phone to your meeting with our expert ophthalmologist and discovering a doable, targeted plan, your excellent care is our utmost concern.

Let our experts investigate and provide an individualized eye treatment plan just for you. No two humans are truly alike; our dry eye treatment plans address each patient individually.

Whether you experience digital eyestrain, blurred or double vision, burning eyes, headaches, or neck and shoulder pain, the Dry Eye Center is here to help restore eye function to its greatest level. When your eyes function properly, you can see better, feel better, and live life more fully.

New dry eye care technology provides lasting effects without pain or downtime

The Dry Eye Center at EyeCare 20/20 is accredited by nationally-respected Tear Lab. At our state-of-the-art Dry Eye Center, our team effectively treats dry eyes with current, proven methods that may include the TearLab Osmolarity System, a new chronic dry eye treatment called the MiBo Thermoflow therapeutic eye treatment device, proper prescription medicines, preservative-free Oasis Tears, and/or targeted vitamins, supplements, and natural remedies.

Expert, compassionate ophthalmic care

The staff and experts at EyeCare 20/20 aim to get to know you as a person and then strive for personalized individualized expert dry eye care. Our solid recommendations are backed by education and experience; as the patient, you remain in control of the action plan we provide.

About the Dry Eye Center at EyeCare 20/20

Since 1986, Cary M. Silverman, M.D. has operated EyeCare 20/20 in East Hanover, New Jersey. That’s nearly 30 years of professional experience in providing expert eye care to patients in the New York Metro area with services that include LASIK, LASEK, cataract surgery, and more. The addition of his Dry Eye Center demonstrates continuous commitment to serve the total eye care needs of local northern New Jersey patients with effective, technologically-advanced dry eye diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Contact EyeCare 20/20 and the Dry Eye Center today, conveniently located locally in northern New Jersey. We aim to always speak with you directly and schedule appointments at the earliest possible convenience. Outside of regular hours? Simply leave us a phone message at (973) 664-7794 or complete the EyeCare 20/20 online contact form.

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