With Christmas coming, you may be feeling the pressure to go out and buy gifts for your friends and family members with no real idea of what to get them. Yikes – that’s stressful!

Let’s make this Christmas different. Don’t be the person who gives the same old boring gifts out every year. This time around, give the gift of better vision!

Here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts that will literally change the way your loved one sees the world.

1.      Better frames

If you have a pair of glasses that fit you just right and remind you how great you look every time you catch your reflection in the mirror, you know that the right frames make a huge difference.

But, if someone avoids wearing glasses due to not liking how her frames look, she could be causing further damage to her health!

That’s why you can offer the awesome gift this Christmas of a new set of frames. By providing someone with the opportunity to personalize and tweak a new set of frames for themselves, they’ll have new eyesight and a great new look. It’s a win-win!

2.      Sunglasses

Sunglasses might be a great fashion statement, but they are also super important in keeping your eyes safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

UV light is a form of radiation that can alter cells, a cumulative effect that causes greater damage over time. Increased exposure to UV rays can increase your risk of developing diseases like cataracts, macular generation, or even cancer of the eye and eyelids.

So, if you’re looking to give a gift that promises better eye health (and could even help save a life!), look for a pair of sunglasses that not only matches the recipient’s personality and fits their face, but also blocks 100 percent of UV rays.

3.      LASIK Surgery

If you really want to change someone’s life, the gift of LASIK surgery with New Jersey’s EyeCare 20/20 surgical specialist Cary M. Silverman, M.D., is the way to go.

LASIK surgery is an amazing procedure developed in only the past few decades that allows a person to go from terrible eyesight to amazing clarity of vision. The surgery itself takes mere minutes, and once patients see the results, they can’t believe their eyes.

4.      Healthy Christmas Dinner

If you’re a grown-up and have seen a few Christmases in your time, you probably aren’t as excited by gifts as you are the enormous Christmas feast. But did you know that some of that food might just be doing wonders for your eyesight?

Yes, the delicious turkey is packed with the mineral zinc. Zinc is great for your eyes because it helps antioxidants reduce the number of free radicals in your body, and it increases the body’s absorption of vitamin A.

For your side dish, make sure to get tons of healthy vegetables on your plate. Especially keep an eye out for carrots and broccoli, which are full of vitamin A and vitamin E respectively. Christmas dinner tables often include healthful legumes and nuts like peanuts, walnuts, and almonds, each offering great nutrients for your eyes and overall health.

Tip: Not in the mood to cook eye-friendly food this year? No problem – give your loved one a gift card to a local New Jersey restaurant that offers healthy options, like Vital Restaurant and Juice Bar in Montclair (they have tons of veggies!).

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for more ideas for cool eye care gifts this Christmas, check out our stocking stuffer recommendations!

By giving these eye-healthy gifts, your friends and family can go into next year seeing things with better vision than before and preparing for a future of sharp eyesight – all thanks to you.

Merry Christmas, and to all give good sight!


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