The powder is fresh, the air is crisp, and the winter skiing season in New Jersey is most definitely here. But there are also hidden dangers of skiing lurking—and we aren’t talking about sunburn.

If you have been putting off LASIK surgery, you may want to reconsider, and schedule an appointment with the New Jersey LASIK Eye Surgery specialists at EyeCare 20/20 before you visit your next slope.

Hidden Dangers of Skiing for Non-Lasik Patients

As you know, higher altitudes present a risk in and of themselves. Combine them with contact lenses, and they pose a particularly uncomfortable problem: dry eyes. Maybe you have even visited our Dry Eye Care Center for sweet relief.

On the slopes, it’s a different story. You have to treat the problem the same way you would while at home, using preservative-free eye drops and cleaning your contacts. But when you aren’t at home, that isn’t easy! When you are with your friends and family, getting as much trail time as possible, who wants to slow down the group? Dealing with the discomfort of dry eyes (or blurry contacts) is even worse.

Are you still wearing glasses? You know it’s tricky to get those skiing goggles to fit the way they should over your glasses. We know how annoying it is to deal with their frequent fogging too. Once you finally get them on, it seems like they constantly have to come off, get wiped down, and adjusted yet again.

It’s even worse once you’ve left the bunny trail and you are wearing glasses underneath goggles. In fact, it is downright hard to tell the differences in terrain when you have to look through two different lenses!

But we also know that you don’t need to suffer through these pesky irritations any longer. That’s where EyeCare 20/20 comes in.

Aren’t Your Eyes Worth It?

From Mahwah to Vernon to Sussex or wherever your skiing adventures take you, make an appointment today with EyeCare 20/20. Get the facts about LASIK and what it means for you.

Whether you get LASIK for relief from contact lenses and glasses in day-to-day living, or for your fabulous New Jersey skiing vacation, your eyes are worth it!

Make the call. Put your eyes in the capable, trustworthy hands of EyeCare 20/20 and leave your contact lens woes behind! Let us help you live your life without being weighed down by glasses and contacts. Patients from as far away as California, Argentina, and Switzerland have benefited from our care. You will too. Contact EyeCare 20/20 today.

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