When you are a mom, time is of the essence. There are not enough hours in the day as it is to get everything done, let alone fiddle with glasses or contacts. Here are ten reasons why every mom should consider LASIK surgery.

1. Date night

That’s reason enough, right there. When you and your sweetie finally get a night away from the kids, the last thing you need is to tear your contacts or break your glasses on accident. For anyone with really bad eyesight, it ends the night fast.

2. Movie Night with the Kids

Your kids are dying to see Monsters Inc. in 3D and they’re begging you to take them. 3D movies are great—except when you’re trying to put those paper specs over your glasses. It’s awkward and it looks a little ridiculous.

3. Allergy Season

The only thing worse than having allergies, is having allergies and having to wear contacts. More than simply uncomfortable, it can be downright painful! Consider this: by ditching the glasses you might see a decrease in allergy-related headaches and sinus pain, since those pressure-causing glasses will no longer sit on your nose.

4. Poolside Bliss

LASIK surgery means no more squinting around the pool trying to find your friends or family. No more risk of a lost contact every time you dive in or of losing glasses in the pool water.

5. Clear Sight in Distress

Baby crying at 3 AM? It’s no longer a problem when you can see from the beginning of your day to the end of it (and every time in-between). You won’t need to fumble around for your glasses or try to figure out the problem sans contacts.

6. Having Full View

You know how they say that moms have eyes in the back of their head? If you have a high level of myopia or astigmatism, you may experience new lines of sight after LASIK surgery. Contacts can only partially correct that problem—and “reset” every time you blink.

7. Simplifying Your Life

Going somewhere? Packing for a trip is stressful enough, getting the kids ready and keeping a running list of everything you need. Traveling with contacts and glasses compounds that headache as you stress to remember your disinfecting solution, carrying cases, saline solution, and extra contacts.

8. Catch Some Zzz’z

New moms especially need to sleep whenever they can. With contacts, it isn’t easy to crash on the sofa. By the time you take out your contacts, your naptime has severely shortened—and then you have to repeat the process all day long.

9. Skiing with the Family

The slopes of New Jersey are irresistible in the winter. But you have enough on your plate making sure the kids aren’t getting lost or zipping into a tree somewhere. Ski goggles over glasses are never an easy or terribly safe solution. They always seem to fog up at the worst possible time. Ditch the glasses and you can wear the goggles as they were meant to be worn.

10. Because it’s the Easiest Thing You Can Do!
Unlike the grueling experience that was potty training your youngest child, LASIK surgery is actually a fast process. Within half an hour, you can be in, out, and see clearly. There’s no long recovery time.

Life with LASIK

LASIK surgery is the champion time-saver. Experience clear vision and a fast recovery period. Life doesn’t slow down. Let LASIK surgery help you keep up.

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