Contrary to what some people might have you believe, LASIK eye surgery is perfectly fine for adults at any age. There is no “aging out” of the usefulness of LASIK, and getting it while you’re younger just means you’ll have more years to enjoy your excellent eyesight. But age does factor into the reasoning and thought process behind getting LASIK, and we’d like to focus on three different age groups. Today, we’ll talk about the youngsters—ages 18-40.

Of course, LASIK is a great option for anyone in this age group. LASIK is a relatively quick surgery that takes about 10-15 minutes per eye, and many patients see improvement in their vision the same day. That’s great for anyone in this younger age range, because they also tend to be the most active and adventurous age group.

Whether you’re into skiing or swimming, baseball or tennis, LASIK can give you the freedom from glasses and contacts that hold you back during your weekend games and adventures. No more rec specs or lost contacts—just great vision whether you’re on the mountain or working on your backhand.

No one wants to be slowed down by lengthy recovery times or complications, and fortunately, the vast majority of LASIK patients don’t suffer from complications. Even among the tiny amount that do, most can be successfully treated with follow up visits to their LASIK provider.

As far as recovery, you’ll need to wear protective eyewear for at least four weeks while playing contact sports, and you’ll need to stay out of the pool, hot tubs, or whirlpools for at least three weeks. A month of protecting your eyes certainly seems like a small price to pay for great eyesight.

And like we mentioned, the earlier that you get LASIK, the longer you’ll have to enjoy all of the benefits of having that fantastic vision. For most patients, LASIK is for life, and you’ll permanently have the amazing vision benefits that LASIK provides.

Many younger people may be worried about the cost of LASIK, and that’s understandable, as it can take some time to get established and save enough money for an elective procedure like LASIK. But think of that cost as an investment. If you’re getting LASIK at a young age, not only are you investing in your eyesight for the rest of your life, but you’re also saving the money that would have gone towards contacts or new prescription glasses over a lifetime. Those costs easily add up to thousands of dollars, so it might very well make sense to invest that money in LASIK at an earlier age.

At EyeCare 20/20, we also have financing available to help pay for LASIK on a monthly basis, rather than upfront, which may be a better option for many people. So give us call today and we can set up a consultation to talk about your options for laser eye surgery, and how you could spend the rest of your life with clear vision.

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