June 18th is right around the corner, and now’s the time to start thinking about what you’re going to do for Dad this Father’s Day. He may grumble and say he doesn’t want anything, but that doesn’t mean you should actually believe him. Dad may not want to go out to a fancy brunch, but we’re pretty sure he’d like it if you showed him how much he means to you. 

A gift card to his favorite store or a day on the links aren’t bad ideas for Father’s Day, but what about showing him what he’s been missing? Or more accurately, what he’s been missing while wearing his glasses or contacts. 

This Father’s Day, why not get your dad the gift of LASIK? There’s nothing more powerful than giving the gift of sight, and Dad is sure to appreciate that his children are thoughtful enough to give him a truly life-changing gift. 


The verdict has been in on LASIK for quite awhile now—it’s a safe, effective, and quick procedure that can truly change lives. Dad might remember the early days of LASIK when he heard stories of a friend’s cousin’s girlfriend suffering from complications, but that hasn’t been the case for a long time now. 

Complications from LASIK are extremely rare and can be easily resolved with another treatment. 

The benefits of LASIK, on the other hand, can be incredible. If Dad has been wearing glasses or contacts all his life, he’s probably pretty used to them at this point. People adapt to situations in their life fairly quickly. So odds are, he really doesn’t know what he’s missing. 

But improving vision changes nearly every aspect of a person’s life. He can experience excellent 20/20 vision from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he closes his eyes again at night. No more glasses or contacts to take with him on long bike rides. No more worrying about his vision when he has to take them off at the beach or the pool. 

LASIK gives Dad the freedom stay active and work on his hobbies without worrying about his eyesight or his corrective lenses. 


The LASIK procedure itself is painless and takes roughly 15 minutes per eye, meaning that Dad can get LASIK and be home in time for his normal Sunday afternoon nap. You’ll want to talk with your eye doctor about what to do leading up to the day of the procedure, but the instructions are actually quite simple and easy to follow. 

Of course, Dad will need someone to drive him home after LASIK, but he’ll be ready to resume his normal routine in just a day or two. That’s not a bad tradeoff for a lifetime of clear, 20/20 vision. 

Do you think your dad might be a good candidate for LASIK? Then give us a call today, and we can set up a consultation and evaluate his options for corrective eye surgery.

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