Gen X tends to be somewhat of a middle child when it comes to blogs, advertising, and marketing efforts. They don’t have the sheer numbers of the baby boomers or the current “in status” of millennials. It’s tough out there for Gen X, but there are still plenty of great blogs run by, and for, Gen Xers. It’s just a matter of finding them. So we decided to bring you a few of our favorites to get you started.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Gen X

This is a blog devoted to examining and understanding the journey of Gen X through life and the American landscape. It’s full of commentaries, reflections, current events, and news, and it all revolves around Gen X. There’s also a collection of photos from Gen Xers that document their journey. Jennifer, the founder of the blog, also occasionally writes about millennials and Gen Z, as she now has children in both generations. It’s a great resource for Gen Xers looking for relatable stories and content.

The Zen Of Gen X

This site is devoted to “those scrappy, underestimated slackers wedged between the Baby Boomers and Millennials,” and here you’ll find essays, confessions, facts, trivia, humor, and a great photo section that captures the essence of those born between 1961 and 1981. There’s even a section devoted to facts about sneakers for those of you looking for something unique to start with.

Gen X Finance

Even Gen X gets their own finance blog, and these days it’s full of advice for those who are entrenched firmly in middle age. 401k’s, investment advice, insurance tips, and thoughts for homeowners all have their place in this blog. If you’ve begun wondering about mortgage rates or how you’ll save enough for retirement, then this blog is for you. Honestly, all of us could use a little financial advice, or at least some refreshers from time to time, so this blog is one you’ll want to bookmark.

Fifty Is The New Fifty

Tough to believe that so many Gen Xers are coming up on fifty, or have made it there already, but time marches on. Fifty Is The New Fifty is devoted to those who’ve reached middle age, or are just about there. Articles on lifestyle, fashion, and health and fitness abound on the site, and you’re sure to find plenty of advice for navigating middle age, even if you are still a little touchy about being 50… Maybe start with their section on middle aged musings if you’re in the mood.

So check out any of these great blogs for Gen Xers if you’ve got some time. And if you find yourself peering a little harder than usual at the screen, then maybe it’s time to make a change. Do you still have the perfect eyesight you once did? If not, or even if you’ve worn glasses your entire life, call EyeCare 20/20 today to learn more about your options for LASIK eye surgery!

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