It can be tough to drag yourself outdoors during a long Jersey winter, but if you’re a photographer, braving the cold can provide you with some amazing shots of our great state. In fact, many of the places on our list are actually better to photograph in winter than any other time of year. Here are few of our favorite spots for winter photos, and we hope you’ll make it to at least a few!

Lakota Wolf Preserve

Not everyone has a chance to capture some shots of wolves in their natural habitat, so make the most of the Lakota Wolf Preserve and book some time this winter. The rarity and beauty of the wolves makes for a stunning photo at any time of year, but there’s just something about seeing them in the snow and barren trees that can’t be reproduced by greenery.

Red Mill in Clinton

Truthfully, a brilliant shade of red will pop out of any photo, but the Red Mill in Clinton is famed for the beautiful photography it inspires. Built in 1810, the mill is a throwback to an earlier time, and exudes a sense of peacefulness, surrounded by natural beauty. And if you thought the red popped out of your photo in the summer, just wait until it’s surrounded by snow and ice this winter.

Cape May

The winter atmosphere doesn’t just create an austere beauty in the woods, it does the same for ocean views and beaches. Cape May, located right at the point where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic, is a quaint area that offers a lighthouse, gorgeous beaches, Victorian architecture, and even the wreck of the SS Atlantus—all waiting for a lucky photographer to capture them. You can also find the Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area close by. It’s perfect for shooting birds, insects, or any other wildlife you can find.

Liberty State Park

We can’t forget Lady Liberty and all the views of the Hudson and New York City. Liberty State Park, covering over 1,200 miles in three counties, gives you a chance to snap some truly memorable photos of the Statue of Liberty, the NYC skyline, or any wildlife you spot in the park. And a snowy winter background creates a much different atmosphere than you traditionally see around the statue and skylines.

Great Falls of Paterson

The Great Falls were carved during the last ice age, and the eight-story waterfall isn’t going away anytime soon. Still, you should make the trip this winter in order to get a shot of the falls while it’s frozen. The surrounding park and foot bridges offer you plenty of different vantage points for up-close shots of the waterfall in winter.

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