At Eyecare 20/20, we literally think seeing is believing. That’s why we were lucky enough to partner with three prominent “mommy bloggers” to chronicle their journeys of receiving LASIK vision correction – a quick, painless, in-office procedure that let them dispense with the hassle of glasses and contact lenses for good.

While all three of these women are mothers to multiple children and have blogged extensively about their stellar LASIK experiences with our own Dr. Silverman, each is delightfully different and brings distinctive personalities and interests to the table.   

Our first patient, Melissa, self-described “Staten Island Mama” and blogger at, has been writing about family life on Staten Island since 2006, and is known for her colorful, brash personality and contagious sense of style. Melissa has been featured on ABC news (where she’s helped to break down the myth of the “perfect mother”), and has been a contributor to the Washington Post and Huffington Post.

Melissa was so surprised at the thoroughness of the pre-procedure exam that she blogged, “I wish every major life event could involve the kind of rigorous pre-testing that I had to undergo for LASIK!”

The day after Melissa’s LASIK procedure at her follow up visit with Dr. Silverman, Melissa’s once blurry vision was now 20/20, and she enthusiastically exclaimed, “I’d get up in the morning and I couldn’t even find my eyeglasses! I was blind as a bat, and I can see everything now! How is that even possible?!” (To which Dr. Silverman playfully answered, “It’s magic!”)

Our next LASIK patient, Tiffany, “the Quirky Mom Next Door” (at the blog of the same name) seeks to bond parents from all walks of life with inspiration, laughter, and tips to help quell the daily chaos.”

Tiffany recounts her LASIK experience in her blog: “I can’t even begin to tell you what an awesome experience I’ve had [with Eyecare 20/20]…but I’m going to try! [Before the procedure] I was told to look at the clock. I turned my head to the right and saw a big white blob with some black around it. I only knew it to be a clock because that’s what they said, otherwise, I wouldn’t have recognized that giant blur.

Dr. Silverman came in and began to work his magic. My favorite part of the procedure was when they had me sit up after it was all over. They directed me to look at the clock again. Oh my goodness, not only could I now tell that it was a clock but I could see the numbers on it! I could even see the second hand ticking away! People had told me that the initial results are instantaneous, but I think you don’t really believe it until you experience it! Dr. Silverman interrupted my moment of delight to inform me that my eyesight would actually get better than it was at that very moment. How could that be?! Having new eyesight has brought me a confidence and assurance that I didn’t even know was missing.”

Our last LASIK patient, Debi, who blogs at, describes herself as “a tech junkie, travel obsessed, sweet-a-holic, married Philadelphia mom to 6 amazing kids.” She says her goal in life and the motto for her blog is “Simplify the things you have to do, so you can do the things you want to do.”

Unlike Melissa and Tiffany, Debi positively hated wearing glasses (and her astigmatism prevented her from choosing contact lenses). As she put it on her blog: “I hate that I have to find my glasses in the morning. I hate that I have to clean my glasses when they get smudges on them. I hate that when I take pictures that I have to remove my glasses in order to see through the view-finder. I hate that I have to take off my glasses to see through the binoculars (remember things in the binoculars are blurry so I can’t see well). I hate that I can’t wear my sunglasses when I have my glasses on. I hate that my glasses get steamed up and I can’t see through them when I change from different temperatures.”

At first, Debi was a bit nervous about her LASIK procedure, but Dr. Silverman soon put her anxieties to rest. As she recounted on her blog: “Turns out, not only do professional athletes trust Dr. Silverman, so do Olympian athletes. In 2012, Dr. Silverman did LASIK on 12 athletes, in 2016, 4 athletes. I figured if professional athletes and Olympians trusted the Doc, so could I.”

After her LASIK procedure was complete, Debi was thrilled to no longer be dependent on the dreaded glasses and blogged her glowing endorsement of Dr. Silverman and Eyecare 20/20: “If you are tired of wearing your glasses and want to be able to see clearly, call Dr. Silverman’s office. Even if you have to travel, it is worth it.”

Melissa, Tiffany, and Debi are just three among tens of thousands who have received the gift of clear vision through LASIK. Reach out to us today to be a part of the growing number of people choosing to ditch the glasses and contact lenses for good. Together we’ll take the steps to help you see a clearer future.

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