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Eye Color: More Than Meets the Eye

Could the color of a person’s eyes reveal things about them? Science says it can. Modern psychological research has shown that pain sensitivity, drinking habits, and even dating preferences can often be accurately predicted based on eye color. Though eye color doesn’t cause us to be the way we are, it does correlate with certain […]

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The Impacts of Smoking in Terms of Eye Health

If you’re a smoker, there’s a good chance you’ve heard all the dangers of smoking and the damage that it can do to your body and dismissed it. In many cases, this focus on the lungs or the significantly increased risk of heart disease or cancer. But did you know that smoking can have a […]

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New Function for Protein Previously Thought to be Inert is a Game Changer for Cataract Prevention

Scientists studying the biochemistry behind cataract formation have come across a new finding that is bound to revolutionize the way we understand vision impairment. 

A protein, previously thought to be inert, is actually playing a highly vital role in preventing cataract formation. 

Every lens is composed of cells, packed with structural proteins known as crystallins. Crystallins produce […]

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Purpose of a Slit Lamp Exam

When you come to EyeCare 20/20 for your initial examination, there is a very likely chance that you will undergo a slit lamp exam as part of the process. We’re going to walk you through the procedure and what the slit lamp exam can show your ophthalmologist.   

The exam will begin with the doctor applying a […]

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The Link Between Immune Cells and Dry Eye

With so many myths floating around about the cause of dry eye, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with suggestions. From tips ranging from spending less time staring at screens to grabbing an antihistamine due to some mystery allergen. However, new studies are showing that eye dry symptoms could be coming from within your very own body’s immune system.  

A […]

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How Eyelash Extensions Can Ruin Your Sight

What societies consider beautiful has adapted and evolved over time, with historians documenting the many ways societies have strived to reach their idealized appearances. Today, the trend of eyelash extensions and tinting is sweeping social media and magazines. However, this beauty trend has a dark side. 

The media has created a frenzy for long, thick, and […]

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Scientists Announce Breakthrough in Artificial Corneas

Scientific and medical advancements are constantly bringing new treatments and hope to those suffering from debilitating and potentially deadly disease and condition. As a result, many diseases are now treatable due to the hard work and dedication of these scientists and researchers.  

Unfortunately, advancements made in the field of vision and eye diseases often isn’t as publicized as […]

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lnflammaDry to Detect Inflammatory Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is one of the most physically and emotionally troubling conditions that a person can experience, but thanks to the latest diagnostic equipment and treatments in eye care technology, more and more patients are finding relief.  

How common is dry eye disease? 

It is estimated that among the U.S. population as many as 30 million people […]

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AdenoPlus to Detect Acute Conjunctivitis

Acute Conjunctivitis, a severe form of pinkeye, is a common and highly uncomfortable eye infection that can develop into a more serious condition. But thanks to the latest diagnostic equipment and treatments in eye care technology, relief can come faster than ever.  

What is conjunctivitis?  

Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious inflammation of the conjunctiva experienced by 1 […]

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New Research Shows Alzheimer’s May Be Detectable Through an Eye Exam

Brain damage from Alzheimer’s disease can begin decades before patients show any symptoms, but a widely available eye exam shows promise for early detection.  

A study published on August 23rd in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology describes how a non-invasive retinal exam successfully identified a sign of Alzheimer’s in patients who showed no traditional clinical symptoms. These patients exhibited […]

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