LASIK Eye Surgery Questions Asked at Our East Hanover Practice Near Short Hills

Cary M. Silverman, M.D., is a skilled New Jersey LASIK surgeon and medical director at EyeCare 20/20. He knows you may have questions about custom wavefront LASIK and other types of Laser Eye Surgery offered at our East Hanover practice. For that reason, we have provided answers to some of the questions asked most frequently by our patients. In addition to the skill of Dr. Silverman and all of the professionals at our practice, we believe our commitment to providing honest answers has helped EyeCare 20/20 earn the reputation as one of the most trusted centers for LASIK Eye Surgery. At our East Hanover office, patients from Short Hills, Livingston and throughout New Jersey and the New York metropolitan areas have experienced the benefits of laser vision correction.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK (Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) Eye Surgery is a simple procedure which uses advanced laser technology to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. Silverman uses a special instrument (a microkeratome) to carefully make an incision in the cornea, creating a flap of corneal tissue that he folds back to reveal the cornea underneath. With the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Laser System, Dr. Silverman directs a cool beam of ultraviolet light to remove a small amount of tissue, thereby altering the shape of the cornea. This alteration allows light to focus more sharply on the retina, producing images that are clearer and more precise. With LASIK Eye Surgery, Dr. Silverman etches the patient’s eyeglass or contact lens prescription directly onto the cornea, reducing or eliminating the need for corrective lenses.

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Am I a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Every surgery involves some inherent risks, and LASIK is no exception. With the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® laser system, however, the risk of complications from LASIK Eye Surgery is greatly reduced. LASIK may not necessarily result in perfect vision, but it can reduce your reliance upon corrective lenses. An ideal candidate will have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. In addition, candidates must be 18 years of age with healthy eyes and a prescription that has remained stable for at least a year. For more information about LASIK Eye Surgery, contact our East Hanover office to schedule a free LASIK screening.

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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Safe?

LASIK Eye Surgery, performed by Dr. Silverman at his East Hanover practice, is as safe as any surgery can be. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® laser system provides significant improvement in vision while greatly reducing the risk of complications associated with LASIK.

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Will I Still Have to Wear Glasses or Contacts after LASIK Eye Surgery?

For most, LASIK Eye Surgery will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the need for corrective lenses. However, some individuals affected by presbyopia will need reading glasses for small print. Presbyopia is part of the natural aging process. As an individual ages, the eye’s soft, flexible lens begins to harden, which impedes its ability to focus on close objects. This produces reading vision that is blurred, requiring correction with bifocals or reading glasses. In LASIK Eye Surgery, because the laser treats only the cornea, the lens and the changes produced by presbyopia are unaffected.

The degree of overall improvement depends largely on the amount of correction needed. For most, a low to moderate degree of correction can achieve vision quality comparable to what was accomplished with the use of corrective lenses. Some patients may experience blurred vision for a day or two after LASIK Eye Surgery that will diminish within a few days. In situations where a patient’s prescription has been under corrected and they are not experiencing the degree of improvement desired, follow-up enhancements can be performed to adjust their vision at no extra cost.

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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Affordable?

At EyeCare 20/20, we provide affordable LASIK Eye Surgery for patients from East Hanover, Short Hills, Livingston, and throughout New Jersey and New York. Patients have the option of paying by cash or check or with one of their major credit cards. In addition, we offer financing to help cover the cost of LASIK through CareCredit® and Unicorn® Financial. Because LASIK Eye Surgery is an elective procedure, many health insurance providers will not cover the expense. Check with your provider to see if this is the case. If your provider will cover the cost, contact us, as we work with several insurance carriers. Your insurance coverage may include a flexible spending account that allows you to set pre-tax money aside for LASIK Eye Surgery, which could help you save considerably on the procedure.

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What is Refractive Error?

In normal vision, light passes through the cornea to a single focal point on the retina at the back of the eye. With a refractive error, light passing through the cornea is not bent (refracted) correctly and focuses in front of the retina, behind the retina, or at two separate points. In many cases, refractive errors are the result of abnormalities in the length or shape of the cornea. LASIK Eye Surgery at EyeCare 20/20 in East Hanover is effective at correcting refractive error and improving vision quality.

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What is Nearsightedness?

Also called myopia, nearsightedness is a refractive error that produces clear vision for near objects but blurs objects seen in the distance. Nearsightedness is caused by an abnormally steep curvature in the cornea or by an elongated eyeball. As a result, light rays passing through the cornea converge at a point before the retina.

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What is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness, or hyperopia, is a refractive error that causes near objects to appear blurry while distance vision remains clear. Hyperopia is a result of a cornea that lacks curvature or an eye that is too short. Light passing through the cornea is focused behind the retina. Images on the retina appear blurry and unclear.

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What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is caused by an abnormally shaped eye that produces a cornea with a steep curve. Instead of a smooth, spherical shape, the eye is oval, resulting in unequal refraction. Light rays are focused at two different points on or before the retina, and this split focus produces distorted vision. Astigmatism, as well as myopia and hyperopia, are refractive errors that can be corrected with LASIK Eye Surgery performed by Dr. Silverman at his East Hanover practice.

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What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is caused when the eye’s lens, normally soft and flexible, hardens with age and results in blurred reading vision. The hardening of the lens makes it difficult for the eye to focus on close objects. Presbyopia is part of the normal aging process, typically affecting adults at about 40 years of age. Reading glasses and bifocals are to treat presbyopia. These assist the eyes in focusing on nearby objects. Since presbyopia affects the lens, LASIK Eye Surgery, which only treats the cornea, is unable to correct the condition.

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Why Choose EyeCare 20/20 for LASIK Eye Surgery?

For more than 20 years, Cary M. Silverman, M.D., and the professionals at EyeCare 20/20 have been providing successful vision care and correction to individuals throughout the tri-state area. By keeping pace with the development and improvement of LASIK technology, Dr. Silverman has earned the reputation as a trusted provider of LASIK Eye Surgery to patients from East Hanover, Short Hills, Livingston, and throughout New Jersey and the New York, Manhattan metropolitan areas.

At EyeCare 20/20, patients will find not only some of the best trained and best equipped professionals, but also a friendly and caring staff that is committed to their comfort and success. Over the years, we have been able to foster a family-like relationship with our patients, many of whom write to us about the success of their refractive surgery.

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Contact Dr. Silverman for LASIK Eye Surgery and More Near Livingston, New Jersey

To learn more about LASIK Eye Surgery at our East Hanover practice near Short Hills and Livingston, New Jersey, contact EyeCare 20/20 today. A member of our courteous staff can answer your questions and schedule a free LASIK evaluation with Dr. Silverman.

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