If you are an adult who suffers from mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma and also in need of cataract treatment, the iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent System may be an option for you. iStent is the first medical device approved by the FDA for treating glaucoma and cataracts simultaneously.

Used during early stages of glaucoma, iStent is designed to alleviate the eye pressure indicative of this eye disease. The device may also reduce or eliminate the need for costly, prescription eye drops used to control eye pressure.

For glaucoma sufferers, failure to keep eye pressure in check can lead to permanent vision loss. Missing eye drop doses due to expense or simply forgetting, can have significant consequences. Now with the introduction of the iStent device, some patients can realize improved eye health and vision maintenance in the long-term.

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How does iStent work?

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The iStent device is implanted in the eye during cataract surgery to help reduce eye pressure. Elevated eye pressure results when the outflow of fluid through the eye’s drainage system is blocked.

With the iStent procedure, a permanent opening is created in the eye’s drainage system. This helps improve natural, physiological aqueous flow, which helps reduce eye pressure.

Is the iStent device and procedure safe?

iStent has the same safety profile as cataract surgery alone – with the benefit of reduced eye pressure. Plus, the device is so small you won’t see or feel it after it is implanted. In fact, it is the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA.

As with traditional cataract surgery, you can expect your eyes to be sore and sensitive after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide eye medication to help alleviate discomfort.

How do I know I’m a candidate for the iStent procedure?

The experienced eye surgeons at EyeCare 20/20 are here to help. We will give you a thorough eye exam to evaluate your eye health and then discuss treatment and surgery options with you.

Generally, adults who need treatment for both mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma and cataracts can be good candidates for the iStent device. The iStent procedure is currently not approved for children or patients with primary or secondary-angle closure glaucoma.

People suffering from retrobulbar tumor, thyroid eye disease, Sturge-Weber Syndrome and other conditions that cause elevated episcleral venous pressure are not good candidates for the iStent procedure. Your EyeCare 20/20 eye surgeon will carefully analyze your eye health and history before recommending any eye treatment or surgery.

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Dr. Silverman and the EyeCare 20/20 team are pleased to offer this exciting, new treatment for glaucoma. Along with iStent, we offer some of the most advanced eye-care technologies and treatments for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye conditions.

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