For someone who has just undergone cataract surgery, the days after your procedure can be very exciting. You may be looking forward to truly clear vision for the first time in years! Or perhaps you are excited simply to ditch the discomfort of the glasses and contacts that you have had to wear for too long.

However, no matter what you are looking forward to the most after cataract surgery, the key to having a successful, easy recovery from cataract surgery is to prepare yourself for what to expect in the first few days following your procedure.

What To Expect After Cataract Surgery

cataract-surgery-recoveryEvery patient has their own unique experience following cataract surgery. Some may not have any vision problems whatsoever, while others may find that they have some side effects such as sleepiness or discomfort. The key to your first few days of recovery from cataract surgery is knowing what is an expected side effect and what may require more information or assistance from your surgeon.

Immediately after your cataract surgery, you may need to rest in a recovery area if you have undergone sedation or anesthesia. This is simply to ensure that you are no longer groggy when you leave. You will also need to have someone there to drive home from the procedure.

Our patients are able to leave the surgery center without the need of an eye patch or shield. They are able to use their eye immediately, although vision may initially be blurry. You may benefit by wearing a pair of sunglasses outside, and an eye shield should be worn when you sleep at night or taking a nap for the first week after surgery.

Many cataract surgery patients find that they have clear vision within several hours of their surgery. However, each person heals differently, so do not worry if your vision takes longer. Our patients have a follow-up appointment in our office the day after surgery to assess vision and healing of the eye.

Common Cataract Surgery Experiences

Every cataract surgery patient experiences sensations following surgery. Some of the most common include:

  • Distorted vision: When you first take off your eye shield, you may notice that your vision still seems cloudy or blurry. This is common, and it may take a little while for your eyes to adjust to the removal of the cataracts.
  • Wavy vision: During your first few days post cataract surgery, you may notice that your vision seems “wavy” or distorted. Most patients report that this phenomenon only lasts for an hour or so. If it persists much longer, contact your doctor.
  • Bloodshot eyes: Many people notice that their eyes seem a little more red and bloodshot in the first few days following cataract surgery. This can be caused by the temporary damage to the blood vessels on the service of the whites of your eyes. As your eyes begin to heal over time, this redness should fade completely.

If you experience any of these common side effects for a long period of time, be sure to report them to your cataract surgeon during your follow-up appointment to make sure that there are not any complications.

For more information about cataract surgery or to sign up for a free consultation, be sure to contact EyeCare 20/20 today. Also be sure to check out our testimonials page to hear all about our patient’s first reactions following their cataract surgery.