contract-surgery-videoOur wonderful staff at EyeCare 20/20 and team of experienced surgeons have been helping many people restore their vision through cataract surgery for years. However, despite the fact that cataract surgery is one of the most common vision procedures in the United States with an enormous success rate, we understand that any kind of medical procedure can still be nerve-racking if you do not understand the ins and outs of the surgery.

Therefore, we have made it a goal of ours to make our patients and comfortable as possible with their cataract procedure at EyeCare 20/20. To help you learn more about this procedure, here are some videos about cataract surgery, as well as some glowing testimonials from past patients who have undergone the procedure.

EyeCare 20/20’s HD Cataract Surgery Commercial

Dr. Cary Silverman introduces EyeCare 20/20’s HD Cataract Surgery in our new commercial broadcasting throughout New Jersey. We are thrilled to be the first practice in New Jersey to offer HD Cataract surgery with the OptiMedica Catalys Femtosecond laser.

HD Cataract Surgery: Catalys Surgery

EyeCare 20/20 was excited to become the first medical office in all of New Jersey to offer HD laser cataract surgery with the Catalys Precision Laser System. With this high-tech bladeless laser, Dr. Cary Silverman and his team are able to perform state-of-the-art cataract surgery without having to use blades of any kind, making this a much safer experience for both patients and surgeons. Cataracts are more easily removed, and astigmatism is reduced allowing one to see well without the need for glasses following cataract surgery.

The Catalys Cataract Surgery system is one of the best procedures available for removing cataracts without a blade and implanting a new artificial lens into the eye.

HD Cataract Surgery: LenSx Surgery

Dr Silverman is one of a handful of surgeons worldwide who is certified on and can offer cataract surgery on 2 laser platforms! The LenSX laser was designed to revolutionize the key steps in the cataract surgery procedure by making the entire process more precise, predictable, reproducible and safe. It can produce uniform incisions, soften a cataract so less energy is needed to remove it, and provide uniform access to the cataract itself. Another benefit of both the Catalys and LenSx lasers is that they can help to treat pre-existing astigmatism, reducing one’s need for glasses, all in under five minutes.

EyeCare 20/20 Cataract Surgery Testimonials

Unable to get cataract surgery in his home state of Tennessee because he is uninsured, Roger made the trip up to New Jersey to improve his vision through our VisionHarvest program.

Nathaniel had HD Cataract Surgery with the Catalys Femto laser and implantation of the ReStor IOL several months ago. He went from being legally blind to seeing 20/20 both near and far.

Mrs. Cummins has not been able to see the clock since she was 12. She can now, 3 minutes after HD Cataract Surgery!

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