Age-related vision problems such as cataracts can be very difficult to spot early on. This is because these types of vision ailments often develop slowly and discretely, only affecting minor parts of your vision at first. In fact, most cataract developments do not disturb your eyesight in the first year or more, making it so you may not even realize they are there.

It is this reason why it is so important to look out for even the most minor of symptoms so that you can catch this vision problem before it begins to affect your daily life.

Common Cataract Symptoms

The onset of cataracts come with a number of different subtle symptoms that you should keep a look out for. Some of those include:

  • Problematic night vision: As cataracts become more advanced, you may notice that your vision becomes blurry, making it harder to do activities at night, such as driving.
  • Light glares: Many people who have cataracts find that they become very sensitive to lights. In fact, the glare of bright lights can become debilitating for people who suffer from cataracts, especially those with posterior subcapsular cataracts.
  • Halos: When cataracts appear in the eyes, causing clouding of the lens, this can also result in the diffraction of light that enters the eye. In result, this may cause a “halo” type affect to appear around light sources. This can make driving very difficult, especially at night, as you may see these halos appear around stop lights, streetlights and headlights.
  • Frequently changing prescription: One tell-tale sign of the development of cataracts is the frequent need for a stronger glasses or contacts prescription.
  • A yellow tint: As the progression of your cataracts goes on, the clumps of protein that cloud your lens may begin to turn a yellow or brownish tint. This can make it so that all of the light that enters your eye has a yellow tint to it, as if you are wearing “blue-blocker” sunglasses. This often results in a slowly progressive muting of color perception.

Cause of Cataracts

If you find that you have one or more of the symptoms listed above, you may be wondering what exactly caused this onset of cataracts that you are experiencing.

Cataracts typically occur because of a buildup of protein in the lens of the eye that makes your vision appear cloudy or blurred. Because this protein buildup prevents light from passing clearly through the lens, most people with cataracts experience a slight loss of vision, or even a total loss of vision if they do not take steps to fix the problem right away and undergo a cataract removal procedure.

Unfortunately, the most common cause of cataracts is part of the natural aging process, causing many people over the age of 60 to develop this common vision problem. However, some people can be born with cataracts as part of an infection, may be caused by using certain medications such as steroids, or may develop as a result of a systemic medical problem.

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