New Jersey (NJ) Crystalens Specialist – Dr. Cary Silverman

crystalens implantsDr. Cary Silverman is a highly skilled New Jersey Cataracts specialist who uses the newest technology IntraOcular Lenses (IOLs). In the paragraphs below, he describes the Crystalens IOL and how it has helped to restore vision to many East Hanover and Parsippany Crystalens patients, as well as patients from across northern New Jersey (NJ).

About Crystalens

Crystalens®, provided at our New Jersey (NJ) practice, is the first, and currently the only, true accommodating IntraOcular Lens. This means that the lens is able to respond to muscles in the eye and adjust in the same way as the eye’s natural lens adjusts for near, intermediate and distance vision.

Improved IOL Technology

In the past, IOLs in cataract surgery were stationary and did not adjust for changing focus. This unique lens incorporates a hinge-design that allows the optic to move with the muscles responsible for changing the eye’s focus. It may take some time for the muscles and brain to become accustomed to the new lens, with improvement in accommodation continuing over the course of the first year. But with the help and guidance of Dr. Silverman, patients relearn how to focus their vision at various distances, and ultimately the need for reading glasses, bifocals or trifocals is greatly reduced.

Crystalens® is also used in Laser Eye Surgery procedures such as Laser-Assisted Clear Lensectomy (LACL) to correct refractive errors in non-cataract patients in their mid 40s or older who have experienced a decline in the quality of their vision and wish to reduce their reliance upon glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Silverman and the team at EyeCare20/20 strive to combine a personal touch with some of the most advanced eye-care technologies and treatments available today. Conveniently located in East Hanover, NJ, for over 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of people improve their eyesight.

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