New Jersey (NJ) ReStor Specialist Dr. Silverman

restor lensDr. Cary Silverman is a highly skilled New Jersey Cataracts specialist who uses the newest technology IntraOcular Lenses (IOLs). In the paragraphs below he describes the ReStor IOL and how it has helped to improve vision for many Parsippany, East Hanover ReStor patients, as well as patients from across North New Jersey (NJ).

About ReStor IOL

The ReStor® Multifocal IOL, offered at our office near Livingston, is a stationary implant that uses an apodized surface to gradually blend the focusing power along the entire lens surface, creating an even transition of light between the near, intermediate, and distant focal points. This allows the diffractive steps to focus light simultaneously for near through distance vision, providing patients with a full range of vision. Apodization, working in conjunction with current refractive technology, provides the ReStor® Multifocal IOL with characteristics that mimic the accommodating quality of the eye’s natural lens.

Apodized Diffractive

restor iolThough the ReStor® Multifocal IOL is a stationary lens, it incorporates apodized diffractive technology to simulate the ability of the eye’s natural crystalline lens to adjust for changing focus. This is accomplished through a of evenly tapered diffractive steps that provide a smooth transition of focus across the visual spectrum.


While the apodized diffractive technology makes it possible for the ReStor® Multifocal IOL to imitate the accommodating ability of the eye’s natural lens, it is its advanced refractive capabilities that make accurate vision across its diffractive steps a reality. At each step, light is bent as it passes through the lens to focus at a precise point on the retina.

Benefits of the ReStor® Multifocal IOL

The ReStor® Multifocal IOL offers cataract sufferers greater independence from reading glasses or bifocals. Employing advanced vision correction technology, the ReStor® lens is able to provide accurate vision across a range of distances and lighting conditions.

Dr. Silverman and the team at EyeCare20/20 strive to combine a personal touch with some of the most advanced eye-care technologies and treatments available today. Conveniently located in East Hanover, NJ, for over 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of people improve their eyesight.

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