In the last decade, laser cataract surgery has completely revolutionized the way that eye surgeons treat and remove cataracts. While traditional cataract surgery is one of the most safe and effective procedures frequently performed in the United States, with also some of the most predictably positive outcomes, laser cataract surgery is even more so.The revolutionary femtosecond laser technology that is used in the majority of laser surgery systems has brought an entirely new level of safety, predictability and laser-sharp accuracy to cataract surgery, allowing surgeons to perform incisions with ease and stunning exactness. One of the most advanced laser-based surgical systems that uses the femtosecond laser system is the LenSx Alcon laser, and we here at EyeCare 20/20 are proud to offer the LenSx laser cataract system to our patients!lensx-1By having the Alcon LenSx Laser System available to use for our cataract patients, Cary M. Silverman, M.D., along with his team, is now able to perform cataract surgery with more precision and accuracy than ever before, all without ever having to use a blade of any kind. This results in a more perfect zigzag incision created by the laser, rather than having to rely on the human hand to guide the blade.In addition to the cutting-edge Alcon LenSx Laser System, Dr. Silverman and the EyeCare 20/20 team also have the option of using the Catalys Precision Laser System as another great option for those looking for state-of-the-art, blade-free laser cataract surgery. EyeCare 20/20 is one of the few ophthalmology offices in the nation who offer state-of-the-art HD Cataract Surgery using TWO femtosecond lasers―the Catalys Precision Laser System and LenSx Laser.

To learn more about the many benefits of the Alcon LenSx Laser System for laser cataracts surgery, as well as whether or not this type of cataract surgery may be right for you, read on!

About The LenSx Laser System

The Alcon LenSx Laser was the very first femtosecond laser that was cleared for use in cataract surgery by the FDA. In order for the LenSx laser to become FDA-approved, three different aspects of cataract surgery were required:

  • Creating the anterior capsulotomy that involves making a circular incision with in the eye
  • Fragmenting the cataract
  • Making laser incisions on the corneal plane

Ever since it was approved by the FDA, the LenSx Laser System has continued to lead the way in refractive cataract surgery through its continually improved upgrades, which help to ensure that surgeons have access to the newest innovations in image-guided control, lens fragmentation, corneal incisions and software. The combination of each of these factors is what makes the LenSx system smarter, better and faster than many others that have come before or after it.

Advantages of the LenSx Laser System

There are a number of features within the LenSx laser system which set it apart from other laser cataract surgery options. Some of the benefits of the Alcon LenSx Laser include:

Stunningly Accurate Incisions

One of the largest benefits that the LenSx Laser System offers is accurate and reproducible corneal incisions with complete flexibility. The trapezoidal and bimanual incision software that the LenSx system uses allows surgeons to custom their incision plan, from the width of the incision to the architecture of it for enhanced surgical performance. The LenSx Laser is also approved for primary, secondary and accurate incisions.

The LenSx SoftFit Patient Interface: Allows the natural curvature of your cornea to conform to a SoftFit lens insert. This results in minimized corneal compression, enhanced patient comfort, a simpler docking process, lower IO rise during the cataract procedure, and free floating capsulotomies with pristine edges.

lenx-2Image-Guided Planning: The LenSx Laser System features a high-resolution video microscope that allows surgeons to view real-time imaging and monitor the entire anterior segment throughout the cataract procedure. The image-guided planning monitor also features a fully integrated, high-definition Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) which delivers a crisp 3D view of the procedure.

lenx-3Consistent Capsulotomy Diameters: Anterior capsulotomy size has been shown to directly impact the effect lens position post-operation, which is a key parameter in IOL power calculations and, ultimately, the patient’s overall refractive outcome. Anterior capsulotomy with the LenSx Laser provides accurate, consistent capsulotomy diameters.

Revolutionary Software Innovation: One of the biggest advantages of using the LenSx Laser system is that the accompanying software automates and customizes marry of the most difficult steps in the cataract surgery process. This leads to reduced overall procedure time, reduced laser time by as much as 33%, and simple, patient docking.

A Variety of Fragmentation Patterns: The LenSx Laser offers a wide variety of fragmentation patterns to surgeons in order to fragment a soft or a very dense nucleus. A hybrid pattern includes both spherical and fragmentation patterns to quickly address a moderate cararactous lens. The LenSx Laser supports enhanced phacoemulsification efficiency.

Videos Featuring The LenSx Laser System

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