New Jersey (NJ) Cornea Transplant Surgeon Dr. Jachens

Dr. Jachens is a skilled LASIK New Jersey surgeon who offers a range of procedures in addition to LASIK. In the paragraphs below he describes the corneal transplant procedure that can be to treat patients with corneal scarring or diseases, such as keratoconus or Fuch’s Dystrophy.

Corneal Transplants

The cornea, the clear portion in the front of the eye, allows light to enter and focus on the retina. Quality vision depends on the cornea remaining clear. However, corneal disease, degeneration, and scarring can cloud the cornea and result in diminished vision. If vision is severely impacted, a corneal transplant may be necessary.

Descemet’s Stripping with Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK)

DSEK is a transplant procedure that corrects clouding while sparing the cornea, and is Dr. Jachens preferred method of treatment for Fuch’s Dystrophy. Using the DSEK technique, Dr. Jachens will carefully strip away the diseased cell layer that lines the inner surface of the cornea. A donor cornea is then thinly sliced and the inner portion is folded in half for insertion through a small incision made in the white part of the eye. Dr. Jachens injects an air bubble into the eye to unfold the donor tissue and set it in place.

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