New Jersey (NJ) NearVisionSM CK® Treatment – Dr. Cary Silverman

Dr. Cary Silverman is a skilled LASIK New Jersey surgeon who offers a range of procedures in addition to LASIK. In the paragraphs below he describes the NearVisionSM CK® procedure and how it can be to help treat farsightedness (hyperopia or presbyopia).

NearVisionSM CK®

nearvision ckNearVisionSM CK® (Conductive Keratoplasty) is a non-laser procedure performed at our East Hanover office to correct presbyopia, reducing the need for reading glasses as it improves near vision.

Presbyopia is an age-related change in vision that occurs when the eye’s lens begins to harden, becoming less flexible, and preventing the individual from focusing properly on nearby objects.

NearVisionSM CK® uses radiofrequency (RF) energy applied to the outer cornea to shrink minute areas of corneal tissue. As the corneal tissue shrinks, it produces a constrictive band that reshapes the cornea. As the band tightens, the cornea’s overall curvature is increased, which corrects the bending of light waves from near objects as they travel through the lens to the retina, creating proper refraction and clear near vision.

Dr. Silverman and the team at EyeCare20/20 strive to combine a personal touch with some of the most advanced eye-care technologies and treatments available today. Conveniently located in East Hanover, NJ, for over 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of people improve their eyesight.

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